New gig

In 2013, my friends and I have always wanted to get into this online content thing. We had several ideas. Particularly, areas of journalism, photography, geek culture, and travel. We wanted to focus on those things, and push for viral content. It didn’t happen. We were fresh out of college, not everyone could get a job, and people were enjoying their first few weeks of unemployment a little too much.

So, fast forward to 2015, we managed to bring back the website idea. This time we focused on a single core aspect: Videogames. It was a little vague on how to deal with this and no one was understanding what. But we got it. We tossed in film reviews along the way, just to further spice it up.

Our website,, focuses on videogames and film. There, we post reviews, features, and unique content. We’re just having fun with it every now and then, doing what little we can to keep it pushing forward. We’re trying to stand out a little, combining consumer-based interest, taking a scholarly approach, and testing the waters with some Mental Floss -ish.

So far, this new gig has taken a huge toll in my time. But at least I’m having with it.


* * *

In other news. I haven’t even started my book mission. I read the first few pages of “The Color of ¬†Magic,” but stopped short. Can’t even explain why. I began reading “Red Skies Under Red Seas” by Scott Lynch instead, only to stop halfway to check out Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff’s “Illuminae,” which is awesome. Go give it a read, like, now.