One hell of a concert

A week ago I learned that Paramore will have a concert, five minutes from where I live, in February next year. I have stated, time and again, I’m a huge Hayley Williams fan. Damn it, my background photo in Twitter is Hayley Williams during a concert in Hamburg. The tickets, are only about 200 USD, and I can stand in front of the crowd and enjoy my first live band experience. And yes, also to weep and scream in front of Hayley.

However, my wife is due with our first child in late May or early June next year. That means serious belt tightening, because, come on, once the baby comes out, it’s all expenses until he/she gets their college degree.

Also, we missed out on Bruno Mars and Coldplay concerts, which, I had promised my wife that we would watch – I had, at that time, been trying to win some points so that the wife won’t ever raise concerns when I insist on going to a Paramore concert- which is actually happening in a few months damn it. Alas, fucking hoarders took all the tickets and will be selling them x6 of the actual ticket prices. Come on, we know that’s true.

In any case, I won’t be experiencing Paramore. I won’t ever get to see Hayley Williams and head bang on “That’s What You Get” and “Brick by Boring Brick” and of course, “Pressure.” But oh well.

At least I got to experience Nicholas Eames’ “Kings of the Wyld.”


How the fuck did we get from Paramore to this? I don’t know. I don’t give a shit. All I know “Kings of the Wyld” is fucking awesome. I laughed out loud as the characters engaged in the most hilarious banters and scenarios, I wept with them, and I was head banging all throughout the epic action scenes.

Look, “Kings of the Wyld” is inspired by heavy metal rock stars. It’s a world where, mercenaries, called “Bands” are worshiped as one might Black Sabbath, Metallica, DragonForce, Iron Maiden, you know the who they are. I think I also KISS in there somewhere, maybe also The Runaways. Oh, and Elvis is in it too, at least mentioned.

Do you guys know that scene from “Guardians of the Galaxy”?

I’m talking about this.


Yeah, there’s something like that in the book. And you know what? It’s freaking awesome.

“Kings of the Wyld” has druins. Basically, elves with Playboy bunny ears. Dragons. Manticores. Basilisks. Golems. You name it. It’s “Warcraft” where everything and anything is in there. And you know? It’s freaking awesome.

I’ve read epics,¬†“A Song of Ice and Fire,” “Malazan Book of the Fallen,” partially “Wheel of Time,” “Mistborn,” “The Dark Tower,” you know, the usual stuff, and often these books are massive with complex stories and sinister plot twists. “Kings of the Wyld” does not have any of that. It’s a straightforward, sword and sorcery adventure. And you know what? Damn right you do. It’s freaking awesome.

It’s about a retired band, who’s getting back together for one last gig, which is to rescue the frontman’s (yes, they literally call him the “frontman” of the band) daughter, who is trapped in a city, under siege by all things nasty, led by a druin (technically elves with Playboy bunny ears). This is, by all means, not save the damsel kind of thing. The daughter happens to be a warrior herself who can butcher monsters that come her way.

The entire journey consists of the band getting back together and going through the Wyld – the forest where all things nasty live – in order to reach the city. And look, there’s not much action until the second half of the book, and you know what? That’s just fine. The characters are what makes the story come alive.

Imagine Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Motorhead, or whoever the hell from the ’70s, coming back to the world and then surrounded by the likes of One Direction. Yeah, it’s that kind of surreal experience, where undergarments are flung and taverns set on fire.

Look, the book is awesome and fun.

Now I take my leave and sulk over missing out on this.


The riot in my head

I am an avid Hayley Williams fan. Not Paramore. Hayley Williams. Though I love their music, despite the recent genre shift with “After Laughter.” 

And I just want to say, this more recent photo of her, just stole my heart and wisked it across the fucking universe.

It just toppled my former fave look of her from the 2014 iTunes Festival, where it appeared Hayley just came out of a fucking Tim Burton film.

I had a better photo but it’s lost somewhereūüė≠

Now third place is the Wango Tango. The green hair is absolute dope. Gets me every damn time.

As a bonus, her outfit during the iHeart Radio is just so freaking adorable.

And of course, just looking plain and simple without putting too much makeup while wearing glasses is. The. Bomb.

I believe I have embarassed myself too much now while bearing high stalky vibes. Still though. Hayley Williams rock and her varying outfits – especially the Time Burton one, has a strong influence over some certain characters in distant books I’ve partially written. Really looking forward to get to that.

Anyway I’m done babbling. Time to write.

Hard Times

This hardly requires a silly blog post but I did lose my mind for moment when I saw that Paramore was trending on Twitter. My first thought was, “Holy shit, new album!”

I searched and instead, found a new single, and I was like, “Holy shit, new single!”

It’s everything what you can expect from a Paramore song. Different. Fun. Catchy. There are some fangs hidden here and there, and if you dig deep enough, no doubt you’d find them. Some of the scenes brought flashes of some Lady Gaga aesthetics, only in a more brighter and saner style. Also the final part of the song with that sick beat felt so much like a modern day take on Daft Punk. It’s such an excellent, fun song. Love it in every way.

Hayley looks good in the video. Though I find the makeup a little too thick, making her look a little older than how old she really is (she’s 28, last I counted). I kind of miss her punk-rock years, and nothing beats her weird Tim Burton-styled looks and her getup during Wango Tango in 2014.

This song is definitely going down to my playlist while writing.

There’s a lot of crazy shit happening in the world right now. If you tune in to various media outlets and witness the fall of society through social media, it’s almost as if everyone is going through some sort of existential meltdown. Paramore is right with this song though, these are indeed Hard Times.

No doubt you’ve seen the video by now, but hey, I’m still going to post it here.

Innards #13

I promised never to make another “Innards” post unless I’ve actually made some real, solid progress with my stories. Then this means, I just made some real, solid progress!

It’s only been a little over a month, and my¬†current project, titled, “Year of the Red Whale” has built itself a humble 15,000 words. More are still pouring in as I do my best to type as fast and meticulous as I can. I’m rather satisfied with the outcome so far and things are continuing skyward, much to my satisfaction. Before the month ends, I hope to reach 20,000 words and enough to proceed to the book’s “Part 2” segment, which I aim to become my NaNoWriMo entry. Whether I reach the 50,000 goal or not should be awesome. There is a deeper drive now to finish my stories more than ever.

As I continue the Red Whale, I’ve gotten a chance to check out my older projects, “The Conductor” and Project Scar. Each were started in 2010 and 2008 respectively. Both are around 30,000 words and looking at them now, I’m surprised by how different they are from what I’m writing today. Not in a bad way. The prose was a little bit more florid, the pacing was nice, and world was more imaginative and bigger. On a single page, I’ve managed to cram in a lot of information, without feeling like an infodump. I know what I’m saying sounds egocentric and I’m just blowing air into my head. Not really, I’m just saying, if someone like me, who has little to no talent in writing, can come up with something like that. Then anyone can.

The biggest difference I’ve made was spending a lot of time in those two stories. I remember staying up late at night trying to finish a chapter. Always pushing into my head, one more paragraph. I’d spend entire weekends locked in a room, staring at a blank page, trying to cough up the right words that would breathe life into my stories. I wrote a paragraph. I stare at it and I take it out, unsatisfied. It’s a long, damning process that ended up being worth it.

It was also a time when I’ve done nothing but read a lot of books, nonstop. I suppose all those prose bled out into my subconscious. “Year of the Red Whale” begins to pale in comparison against “The Conductor” and Project Scar. Looks like I’ve a lot of thinking and redesigning to do.

The only advice I ever took was from an Aussie writer: “Read, write, and practice.” He said. I took it to heart, kept reading a lot, kept writing a lot, and got a lot of feedback. I never settled on what I’ve written. If I had to cut out entire chapters just because they no longer fit, so be it. It’s a habit that needs to come back.

These days I only get to write three to four hours a day, at night, after getting back from work, where I’ve spent the entire day writing. It gets dull and sickening, but, that’s all part of the challenge.

I never really relied on any other books that thought how to write. Sure, I got a few, read what advice they’ve got to offer, and I’ve only ended up feeling disappointed, wishing I’ve spent my money elsewhere. There are a ton of forums out there who can give the same exact advice from those books, for free. They can be a little harsher though. The only books that I felt were ever really important, were Stephen King’s “On Writing” and Strunk and White’s “Elements of Style.” The first one, was well, because it was about King telling us how he got into writing and it was damn interesting. The second book, King himself had actually suggested in his book I’ve just mentioned, cleaved a path ¬†on how to write better, how to construct concise and clear sentences. If I had to choose between two sentences where one attempts to sound profound and sophisticated, over one that immediately puts an image in my head without disrupting the flow of the story, I’d pick the latter any time. That’s the most important thing, clarity. Writing is a long process. You’d start with a blank page and by the time you hit less than 1,500 words, over an hour has already passed. That’s fine. That’s how good art is crafted. Savor every moment of it.

On other news: The Wife is insisting I should switch jobs. With my income, I could hardly blame her. She believes I can do better. She’s not the only one, truth be told. Many other folks who have grown old within the company are insistent, I should get out while I still can. The inferiority complex in me is trying to cower behind closed sheets, afraid to take on another professional, meet new people, but, but, potentially earn at least twice as more than my current job. I only earn, in US dollars equivalent, around 280. It’s pretty dismal.

Earlier this week Nintendo has finally unveiled the NX console – the Switch. It looks amazing. It’s a console I want to have alongside a PlayStation 4 when I get one. When they announced sometime ago that Nintendo was working on going mobile, I didn’t expect this. It is a brilliant execution, a potential merging between handheld and home consoles – considering handhelds in these past years, had been Nintendo’s strongest selling point. If ever, the Switch will be my first Nintendo console since the SNES, and I’m really looking forward to it.

It’s no mystery¬†that I’ve gotten myself into reading more self-published books. It started with Hugh Howey’s “Wool,” and followed by Anthony Ryan’s “Blood Song.” I wanted to see what all the fuss had been about and how the independent-segment is fairing. And it’s looking quite good. There are lots of talented traditionally unpublished authors out there. Sure, some of them needs a few more polishing, but the quality of fun and stories they deliver remain to be topnotch. My recent read was Will Wight’s “Unsouled” and it’s something that needs more attention.

Apparently I’m still in-love with Hayley Williams. Her weird iTunes Festival getup in 2013 and the green-haired, tight shirt,¬†¬†skirt, stockings look in Wango Tango 2014, was just, damn.

Out of boredom I went back listening to some bands I haven’t listened to for a long time. It’s just such an amazing treat to go back and relive the songs that defined my era while growing up and how I started getting into music. Green Day gets the most nostalgia in me with their song, Basket Case, and of course, Boulevard of Broken Dreams. This is quickly followed by Yellowcard’s Ocean Avenue, bringing back old memories from my time in California as a wandering, angry, solitary teenager. I also just found out they’re on their very last tour. That hurts. Finally, there’s Foo Fighters. I haven’t been a fan of their newer songs, while still great, I’d still like to dwell on their songs like Monkey Wrench, Learn to Fly, Long Road to Ruin, and yes, Everlong.

The season 7 premiere of “The Walking Dead” blew my brains out. So, spoilers from here. Based from the comics, I knew what was going to happen. But the first shocker had thrown me off guard, it was an attempt from the production crew to mess with the longtime fans of the series. Something worst was bound to happen. It just did.

My paramour


Oh ssshhhiiiaaat! Copy-pasted this from iTunes. Hope that’s ‘kay. No one sue me! I wuv Paramore! I buy their songs! It’s in my veins! >_>;

I should be writing. Really. Planning an outline, even though I’d rather keep my pants on and tight through the whole ride, especially now that I’m gearing up for my first NaNoWriMo! Yeah! But nah. I’ll watch live Paramore concerts on YouTube instead, and check out Hayley’s Twitter. I think my favorite look is the¬†weird iTunes Festival look, like she came from a Tim Burton film. Also, the green hair and getup in Wango Tango, and I’m like, fuck, I’m in love. NSP help me.

Stop. Just stop. I am stopping! In this post, I’d like to talk about (hashtag) #writing. The things I’ve picked up along the way in my career as a journalist, as someone who has been writing since being a little kid, and as someone who started reading books only in his early adulthood (17). I had a long-ass post but deleted it cause it was too long. So here’s the rundown!

  • If you write to make a living, you will feel the¬†Pressure of ever stacking bills. It won’t be enough unless you’re a big mainstream and well-known writer like Neil, King, Martin, and Rowling.
  • Some aspiring authors continue to believe they will sell their book as easy as ordering kinky stuff from Amazon and make millions from it.¬†Ignorance is a bliss, I guess.
  • Daydreaming is awesome. No, really, keep on doing it. I started when I was bored shit in my first grade class. But if you’re going to do it all the time, make sure it’s about your story and not the glory you want.
  • With so many things happening and so many stuff around, it’s easy to get distracted: Social media notifications, Ninja Sex Party has a new amazing song about pee-pees and vajayjays or a legit cover for once, binge-watching Voltron, the stain in the window that needs cleaning, the trash that needs to be taken out, ice cream in the fridge, reading blogs about writing, writing a blog post. Time goes away faster than you think, and if you feel bad for not writing anything, well,¬†That’s What you Get. *Insert guitar!*
  • Don’t wait for the Muse. It doesn’t exist. Even if you have to slog through one word after another, feeling shit, it’s okay. It’s like building a house,¬†Brick after Boring Brick. You need that chapter completed before moving on the next one.
  • Be¬†Careful¬†in¬†Playing God while worldbuilding, crafting magic systems, mapping landscapes, setting histories, developing characters. There’s so much going on, it’s so easy to have one or two inconsistencies. That could work in your favor, to create a deeper, more sophisticated story that requires a lot of thinking. But more often inconsistencies will feel alienating.
  • I used to believe you can be productive even with the TV on, or while listening to songs. I guess it works differently. With songs, I often end up imaging myself doing a badass solo that puts Eddie Van Halen and Jimmy Paige to shame. Some people can write better with songs or OSTs. But TVs? In fact, not just that, even WiFi. Nope, you want to write seriously?¬†Turn it Off, all of it, and focus on writing.
  • Negative feedback will sting. But know the difference between a good negative feedback over a bad negative feedback. Get beta readers who will say,¬†“Hate to See Your Heart Break¬†but this book sucks, you need to change the pacing, the character is too perfect, etc… etc…” If someone says your book sucks because they said so, punch them.
  • I’ve come to learn florid writing is dazzling and nice to read. But sometimes, I’ve seen writers try a little too hard. This isn’t to belittle or to harm, but it’s true, especially in a few self-published books I’ve read, they tend to over-describe and their attempts to sound sophisticated, just, doesn’t work. Sometimes¬†it’s best to write something plain and clear that is easy to digest and imagine. You wouldn’t want your readers to pause and try to¬†Decode what you’re trying to say. It ruins the story’s flow.
  • Now is the only best time to write.
  • Just keep on writing like a¬†Monster.
  • Write in your¬†Native Tongue. If you will write in another language, make sure you have enough mastery over it. I’ve met a lot of aspiring authors who didn’t have English as their first language, but writes in that language anyway. Some are good, and, some needs work, but that’s alright, learning and failing and then succeeding is how we roll.
  • I know I keep saying you need to write, write, and write, get absorbed into your own world, spill all the blood of goats in sacrificial tributes to complete your manuscript, but it’s important to have an¬†Escape Route to unwind. Breath some fresh air, go to the mall and buy something nice, meet people, observe the world around you and you can apply it to your story.
  • When you start punching those keys with fervor and fury, don’t stop. Keep on writing as if there’s an¬†Emergency, as if there’s a gun pointed to your head and will go off if you stopped for more than three seconds! (There’s actually an app that deletes the entire manuscript if you stop writing! It’s called the “Most Dangerous Writing App.”)
  • Scream¬†Hallelujah when you finish that draft!

I have no conclusion. I just really want to stop writing, even for a smidgen of my time, and watch a damn Paramore video. Is that too much to ask?!