Words of Radiance (not the sanderson book)

This isn’t about Brandon Sanderson’s Book 2 of the Stormlight Archive.

I read about Ahmed Best in Polygon and Wired. He’s the guy who did Jar Jar Binks. I know, we hate the character. Most people I know, who were little kids when Phantom Menace liked Jar Jar, and thought the whole film was pretty good. I read about Best’s encounters of harassment and his contemplation of suicide. There’s a process in making these films. It’s not as if Best himself directed the prequel trilogy and inserted himself as Jar Jar. The character deserves hate, yes, but not the man behind the mask. There’s a difference when saying “You ruined my childhood” to someone you know, and to someone who just appeared out of nowhere. The original films were made for an audience of that era, same as the prequel and the sequel trilogies. People are moving on and doing great things because they learn to accept changes. Best is making music and has a science fiction podcast, which are awesome. I’m glad he’s doing okay.

A few weeks ago, popular Fortnite streamer Ninja, lost a bunch of followers after deciding to take a two-day break. Fans are being a little too demanding. Give the guy a break. He’s earned his keep. Streaming is hard work. It requires skill in the game and charisma you’d see in movie stars. It’s an entertainment business. Oh well, maybe it’s for the best anyway. All those people leaving Ninja makes room for an audience that actually matters.

I wasn’t supposed to write this post. I even had a lengthy draft and decided to scrape it. Now I’m writing it again, tighter and a bit shorter. It’s exercise, I suppose. But I wrote and posted this after reading Hayley Williams’ pissed off tweet, about some guys following her and demanding she sign stuff, and stalking her in a town she doesn’t know. I don’t think I can add anything to that incident that’s already been said. Celebrities are people, space and privacy, the power of “no” extend to different things, and so on.

In the last three paragraphs, what do they have in common? An audience. A fan base, retaliating, exploiting, and harassing the popular personality. Times like these, when things are changing really fast, I think it’s important that more people stand up. We see what’s wrong, we know what’s wrong, and we wonder how we can fix it. I may be oversimplifying it, but talking about it, seems to work. Not always. But it sometimes does. Appeal to the humanity side, try to bring out the humility. It’s a shotgun blast. You’ll hit some people and you’ll miss plenty. It’s a small progressive step forward, but it’s sharper than engaging into full on flame wars. People are into building drama, creating drama, and living in drama. Trollish attempts to troll the trolls is wasted effort.

I have run out of things to say.



Getting back again

I am writing this because I now suck at writing. Much worse than before. The past month was challenging. Since having our first child, things are quite, different. While there is certain release in writing, in the end, it feels like work – I write for my day job, and I write about stuff I’m not too happy about, so yeah, go figure – and I’ve ended up playing more games instead, whenever I could. “Frostpunk,” “Cities: Skylines,” and “Super Mario Maker” have all been very accommodating to my needs, thus far.

I looked back to my earlier written materials. The ones done between 2007 and 2010. The quality of work put in those stories were, vastly superior than what I’m conjuring up these past few months. 2007-2010 were times I had nothing much to do than focus all my energy into creating stories and playing catch up in reading books. Those were times I was gorging through epic fantasies like A Song of Ice and Fire and Malazan Book of the Fallen. At that time, there was only one – ONE – “Kingkiller Chronicle” book, and now there are two. A third one is expected to come out by the time my child goes to college.

Then 2011 happened, I got a PlayStation 3 and then I started my journalism career two months after. Things went on a downward spiral for my original works, I have noticed.

I think much of it has to do with how exhausted I am, and how I haven’t been reading as much. Things disintegrate over time. So does my writing. That’s why I have this blog, I guess. To help me kick things forward again.

In other news, I am almost done with my reading list. Last year I have purchased a large amount of ebooks through Amazon Kindle. Many of them were indie authors. I wanted to shift gears and offer my support to creative artists that are doing it alone. I have read most of the books now, including the established authors that we all know and love. I still have a bunch of physical books that needs to be read. I’m almost done (finally) with Joe Abercrombie’s “The Last Argument of Kings” and I’ve started-ish Scott Lynch’s “The Republic of Thieves.” Though I’m hesitant to continue reading “The Gentlemen Bastard Sequence” because of Lynch’s writing pace. At least, each book appears to be total stand alone.

My next batch of books should be an interesting one. I am eager to get on reading the “Welcome to Night Vale” novel and its sequel “It Devours.” N.K. Jemisin’s “The Fifth Season” rocked my world – pun, intended – so I am more than excited to jump into the second and third books, “The Obelisk Gate” and “The Stone Sky” as soon as I can. Nicholas Eames’ “Bloody Rose” is a serious must-read, but I will have to put that on hold, because everything else on my list are stories with emotionally laden issues, “Bloody Rose” would be the thing I need to break all the ice. “The Children of Blood and Bone” by Tomi Adeyemi is high on my priority list, along with Nnedi Okorafor’s “Akata Witch,” “Akata Warrior,” “Who Fears Death,” and “Binti.” Pierce Brown’s “Iron Gold” is something of an overdue read for me, Stephen King’s “The Outsider” seems the perfect re-entry point for me to King, followed by “Strange Weather” by Joe Hill – who, I think, already exceeds his father. Then there’s “Grey Sister” by Mark Lawrence, “LIFEL1K3” by Jy Kristoff, and soon “Darkdawn” by the same author. Finally, Brandon Sanderson’s “Oathbringer.” I will get that book to show my support for him, but in no way rushing to that, considering the fourth book of the “Stormlight Archive” will probably be another two or three years down the road. At least we’ll get the final Wax & Wayne “Mistborn” novel soon, or soon-ish.

There’s a lot more I want to ramble on and about. But I feel I should reserve my remaining strength into working on the WIP. With all of this, I leave you, for no apparent reason, Pink – because I like Pink – and her music video, “Just Like a Pill.”

The Atari VCS: Aw hells no


After months of teasing, Atari, unveiled the Atari VCS. The company’s newest console since it went out of style after Nintendo kicked it in the ass with the NES/Famicom.

Observe launch trailer:

This is crap.

It’s all:

“Hey, we Atari, we baaack!”

“Hey, we made new console, it’s shiny!”

“Hey, new Atari is awesome!”

There is barely any games announced. The 1995 commercial of the Sony PlayStation previewed games like “Mortal Kombat” and “Tekken.” Even the original launch of the Nintendo Entertainment System in the ’80s, things were far interesting, at least they showed us “Duck Hunt.”


So exactly what is the Atari VCS? Yes, it’s pretty, but so was the Ouya, and that crap hit the bucket like sniper Thwomp from Mario Maker. The few games they previewed us, which were all shown in less than a second, and quite frankly, doesn’t seem appealing. They look like mobile apps. If the Atari VCS is just a box to cast mobile apps on the screen, then we don’t need the VCS. We can just play on our smartphones — it’s portable too!

I am disappointed. Less talk. More showy. I want to see what games we can play on that thing. I want to see Atari exclusives. There’s no freaking way I’m going to trade my Steam, GOG, Origins, PS, Nintendo, or even Microsoft, for an Atari VCS that can’t even give us a decent preview what kind of games that thing can run.

Oh, it has voice assistant. Maybe it’s powered by Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home. If that’s the case, no thanks. The Atari VCS is nothing but a novelty item.

But I’ll reserve further judgments until after E3. I could be wrong. More news could happen till then. For the most part, to play classic Atari games for that small box of nothing. I’m going to pass.

Innards #17: Birth

Last week my wife went into an unexpected labor. Four hours later, she delivered our first child.

The delivery itself was only about 10 minutes. From the labor room, my wife was moved to the delivery room. I was asked to wait, to make room for their preparations. I complied. Ten minutes in, the nurse fetched me, and when we both entered the delivery room, the child was already there.

Everyone was surprised by the speed of the delivery. And the sudden change of our timeline shook our entire future.

My wife has two months of maternal leave. I only have seven days, which is a bummer. Thus far, things have been great. My wife and I have so far, spent sleepless nights watching over our child, changing nappies, and whatnot. The most time we were able to spend on sleep was barely 30 minutes. And yet, neither myself nor the wife feel any level of exhaustion.


It sucks that we need to go back to work, eventually. But such is the way of life. My writings have gained newfound priority. There’s a bunch of stories that needs to be written and the road to publication, whether independently, or traditionally, is going to be a long and hard one. If there’s any a time to make changes, that would be now.

The Red Whale WIP has progressed from 23% to 27%. A lot of changes were made. Many of those changes I am not too happy about. At the cost of 40,000 words, these changes gave room for a faster and smoother narrative. I’m circling around to see if there’s anything from the old draft I can migrate into the new one. There’s a lot of really good stuff in there.

I still have a few days left to finish what I can finish. In between writing and taking care of the child, I open Steam and have been playing “Wizard of Legend,” “Frostpunk,” “Poly Bridge,” “Brawlhalla,” and, ahem, “HunieCam Studio.” I do hope I get to stream someday and continue to work on the development of YouTube videos with “Super Mario Maker” content, while I still have the Wii U in my hands.

There’s also the pre-development of a podcast I’ve been wanting to make. I have most of the equipment, so it’s just a matter of finding the right time for it.

In any case, onward we go, first, to burp the baby, and then, to write!

No comfy

Yesterday, a strong burnt rubbery smell filled the apartment. I freaked out. It’s Summer. A season of fires. Then the wife and I discovered the smell was coming from the air condition.

Ruling out all possible reasons, I have concluded that the motor is overheating. It was a shit thing to undergo. That night, I tested the AC. I lowered the fan speed and upped the temperature a little, so it would’ve overwork itself. 

And just to stay safe, I MacGyver’d a work table using two chairs and several boxes and books, near the AC. So when it begins to smell, I can shut it off right away. 

I was not comfortable in my position. Not at all. But you know what? It turned out to be my best writing night yet.

Within three hours I managed to add some details into my story, edit a huge chunk of the book, and ironed out the plot that had been bugging me. Many of the issues have been resolved and finally I can move on to the second part of the novel. 

I have small conversations with some writers. Advice from them always points out that a writer needs to be comfortable and relaxed. It helps them develop ideas and fine tune the writing.

In my case, sitting comfortably makes me feel like shit. When I’m comfortable, my mind wanders. I end up either going to YouTube or check out any updates on Hayley Williams. If I turn on music, I end up imagining I’m in a group called The Jon Karoll Band, and we’re rocking it from ’70s classics to more modern awesome sauces like Yellowcard… anyway. Bottom line is, I am least productive when I’m comfortable. I fall asleep and I wake up with a stiff neck. I was pretty much screwed.

I’ve made good progress. And I’m going to see how much productivity I can get while feeling uncomfortable in my seat.

New HyperX keyboard available in PH… finally! 

Good day true believers! HyperX has just dropped the bomb that their newest Elite RGB keyboard has arrived in Philippines, for about 9K Php. That’s a little more than $150. 

Press release follows:

HyperX Alloy Elite RGB Gaming Keyboard Now Available in Philippines

HyperX’s First RGB Mechanical Keyboard Gear up Gamers for Next-Level Performance 

HyperX, the gaming division of Kingston Technology, today announced the launch of HyperX Alloy Elite RGBTM mechanical keyboard in Philippines. The new RGB mechanical keyboard will offer gamers pro level performance with added customization and personalization features for a completely immersive gaming experience.

HyperX’s first full-featured RGB mechanical gaming keyboard offers complete color customization with NGenuity software ,along with up to three custom lighting profiles that can be saved directly to the keyboard’s on-board memory for on-the-go lighting. For the ultimate in-game experience, the Alloy Elite RGB is built with a sturdy solid steel frame, dedicated media buttons, a pass-through USB 2.0 port, quick access lighting control, and available in red, brown or blue CHERRY® MX key switches. It also features a comfortable, detachable wrist rest, and supplemental textured, titanium-colored keycaps. Additional features include a Game Mode, N-Key Rollover, and anti-ghosting. Product video can be seen here


The new suite of HyperX gaming gear will be available through GameOne, PC Express, Dynaquest, PC HUB, and Techwarez, with the price PHP 8995. More information on upcoming products and activities is available at hyperxgaming.com.

A hero’s journey from a mad man’s perspective – an Avengers: Infinity War review

So, last night I got to watch “Avengers: Infinity War” and thought of just writing this. Don’t worry, it’s going to be spoiler-free.

My wife said that missionaries travel from one place to another, spreading what they believe to be right, introducing new cultures, new practices, new education, to the point that it abolishes the old ways. She meant way back when. These days seem different.

In any case: Thanos is the missionary. He is on his own sacred pilgrimage to enforce what he believes in. His ideals are indeed mad. But it’s what he believes in and he has the iron will to carry it out.

This is Thanos’ movie. And everyone else you know in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe are just the supporting roles. Just the familiar faces we’ve been seeing for the past 10 years. 

In its own way, “Avengers: Infinity War” is a hero’s journey from the perspective of a mad man, where Thanos leaves behind nothing but dust and flames. 

The movie opens up to a display of power that we’ve never seen in the entire MCU yet. Thanos has had his patience. He drives forward and takes down everything. 

“Infinity War” is about sacrifices to accomplish what you believe is right. It shows the rewards of those sacrifices, and the consequences for not being strong enough to make the necessary sacrifices. The cost is dear. For all parties.

The Black Order, known in the movie as the Children of Thanos, appear to be colder and far menacing than Thanos himself. While the Mad Titan is the description of death, he has a strong character arc. Marvel wants you to sympathize him. Which is kind of hard to do, knowing he wants to remove from existence half of the universe’s population – remove from existence, not kill – but there is something admirable in his journey to accomplish and the whirlwind of emotions he goes through.

The movie runs at a breakneck pace. The action scenes are plenty and visually exciting. The moments of peace are times for characters to get to know each other, throw a one-liner or two, before setting out on the next big sequence. 

By the end of the movie, the audience I was in, remained shocked until that last bit of the credits finished rolling in. Despite what other people might say, I felt the movie was complete. It had a beginning, middle, and end. 

The only question remains: What now? It’s a similar feeling to next year’s ninth episode of Star Wars. Due to certain events, it’s quite obvious how things will eventually turn up. How we get there should be ride. How Avengers 4 is going to turn up, it’s sure going to be the biggest movie event in the decade.