X-Men and the MCU

I have read this interesting article on Polygon on how to integrate the X-Men into the MCU. At first I thought all of these ideas are horrible because I assumed the article talked about how to use these storylines to introduce the mutants. But if we’re talking about how the X-Men meets the Avengers, then the ideas are pretty solid.


X-Men is a really big thing and it is tricky how to bring them to the MCU. This is why I think the upcoming Disney+ series, “WandaVision” and its supposed pseudo-sequel, “Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness” are going to be important. From the small hints given to us, it isn’t too hard to piece together that Wanda is going to push her powers to limits and cause some sort of an interdimensional rift or warp reality.


This can lead to the temporary resurrection and reuniting with Quicksilver, their parents, and Vision. Things will start to fall apart and emotional scenes will follow. Maybe we’ll learn that the parents weren’t really their biological parents but their foster parents because their papa, Erik Lehnsherr, was off with his secret Brotherhood of Mutants.


Things are definitely going to fall apart. It probably won’t end too well. And that’s where Doctor Strange 2 will kick in, as the Sorcerer Supreme tries to restore the Multiverse, while evading Shuma-Gorath. (“In the Multiverse of Madness” is obviously a play at words with “In the Mountains of Madness” and Shuma-Gorath is technically Cthulhu in Marvel.)


Perhaps as the balance is restored some Multiverses are merged. The current MCU and another where mutants exist. When these two universes collide, realities are forever warped. Things can really can get so much complicated. But given Marvel Studios’ track record, they will likely keep things simple.


Mutants are hiding all this time, which doesn’t or wouldn’t make sense as superpowered humans have already been appearing for over a decade. Magneto would’ve acted by then. But you know Marvel Studios, they just often shrug things off, just like what they did with the five-year gap explanation in “Spider-Man: Far From Home.”


A second Polygon article talked about veteran X-Men writers offering their two cents how to integrate the uncanny bunch to the MCU. Most of them said TV series and that makes sense, in a way. Some said movies, which also makes sense in a way.


I’m guessing Marvel Studios will do a mix between movies and TV series. They will obviously kick things off with a super movie and then branch out to flesh other characters. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Storm and I think I’m not alone in that aspect.

They will want the X-Men to shine in its own first and that might mean a massive Avengers-style preparation. Would we get movies for Wolverine? A series for Cyclops and Jean? Marvel has this covered.


But what I’m more interested in really, is how will MCU introduce the existence of vampires.

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