Update 18: The Eye of the Tiger

Hello everyone! Got a few things to talk about.

First, I’m abandoning the “Innards” label. It sounded slick back then but now it’s just ew.

Second, Project Red Whale had slowed down in the past two months. However, we are once again on the fast track and things are looking nice, I hope. There are multiple endings that are driving me crazy, but I suppose that’s something to consider much later in the writing stage. Someday I’ll pick one and may years from the book’s publication, the perhaps the other ending I didn’t pick would come to light.

Third, I have a YouTube channel. I believe I talked about that before. So, here I am talking about it again. I intend to post two or three videos a week. Video 1 and 2 centers on Mario Maker 2 content. Video 3 will be a wild card. It can be another Mario Maker 2 content or another game.

Fourth, I have launched a Patreon. I am disgusted to have the balls to even start one! The nerve! Look, I’m pretty financially desperate, alright? I don’t think the Patreon will be a success, but it’s there as a “just in case.” Rewards from it will stem from me playing Mario Maker 2 levels and actual info and digital copies of my books. If you wanna check it out, here is my Patreon page.

Fifth and lastly, I have also began working on a brand new project! I know right! I have so many already and all the project titles have started to mix! I’ll have to organize everything soon.

So far, these new projects are pushing some of my older projects back, with the exception of the Red Whale. Another reason to finish the stories soon.

In any case, I’ve listed in the Patreon that I’m targeting a 2020 release for the Red Whale. If everything goes smoothly, it will happen. And I’m really excited for the next big updates in the coming weeks.

The days without difficulty are days you do not improve. — The Rage of Dragons, Evan Winter