UPDATE: Author responded. Everything is cool. This guy is awesome.

Original post follows:

I’ve gone through the list of SPFBO and one of them has a similar title to the Red Whale Project.

By extension, of course, leads to a similar idea.

Great minds think alike.

I’m bummed out. According to the book’s Amazon page, it was published only this year’s May. The author has beaten me with this amazing title by a few weeks. Okay, not weeks, months.

I’ve worked really hard on this book since October 2018, as a promise I’ve made to a friend, with intentions of finally getting it out by February 2019. Time and again I needed to push that deadline farther and farther away.

I’m a little bummed out, to be honest. I’ve contacted the author about this and I do hope he’s okay with me still using the title.

It would’ve been the perfect title for plenty of years though. But, ah well. Let this serve as a reminder that probably I should work a little bit harder to get things done.

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