Innards #18: Rising

It’s been exactly one year since my last “Innards” post. I’ve talked a little about the Child then, and, I think I’ll do much less now. The Child is strong, growing up fast, and absolutely adorable.

As for my writing progress, let’s see what we have.

The Red Whale WIP has progressed from 27 to 29 percent. By this time, I have a completed “Part One.” Probably not as polished as I’d want it to be, but clean and shiny enough to be sent for selected readers. Mark Lawrence’s fifth SPFBO is happening this 15th of June, and I’m crossing my fingers that somehow, by some miracle, I make it just in time with a story I am damn proud of.

Red Whale has been scrapped and redone from scratch multiple times. There were chapters and some scenes that have made it to the main story, which helped speed up the writing progress. Writing is quite easy, at least for me. It’s the editing that’s hard.

Also, there is a new project that have blossomed in my head. I don’t know if it’s good, but unlike most of my future WIPs, this one will require a bit of outlining. There’s a lot to worldbuild, but at the same time, I don’t want it to have concepts similar from Red Whale. We’ll see how it goes. A good chunk of the world has already taken shape in my head. Though, I doubt I’ll fully immerse myself into this, until I’ve finished at least four projects. For now, I’m welcoming Project Gold.

As for my reading, which has slowed down to a trickle these past months. I am glad for the opportunity to read advanced copies of Cameron Johnston’s “God of Broken Things” and Elizabeth Bear’s “Red-Stained Wings.” I’ve also downloaded an excerpt of “The Priory of the Orange Tree” by Samantha Shannon, and I am so deeply engrossed by it. Bought the book faster than Thanos’ Snap. I’ve purchased Evan Winters’ “Rage of Dragons” along with it, which I’ll be diving into as soon as I can. Right now though, I’m finishing Gareth Hanrahan’s “Gutter Prayer,” and it’s so fucking awesome.

Maybe I’ll write a few things about each of the books.

In any case, I’ll keep writing the second part of the Red Whale WIP.

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