Game of Thrones Finale Predictions


Image from HBO

It’s been a brutal five weeks. In a few days HBO will air the final episode of “Game of Thrones” and while everybody is tossing their two cents, here’s mine.

The song of ice and fire begins. Jon and Dany will be at war at each other. From here on out, anything could happen.

– Northmen will face off against the remaining Dothraki horde and the Unsullied. Grey Worm appears to have some beef with Jon Snow, after showing hesitation from storming King’s Landing.

– That scorpion in the Red Keep might still come in handy.

– If the battle somehow spreads, Gendry, being indebted to Dany, might come fight against Jon.

– Jon will die.

– Gendry, being one of the causes of Jon’s death, will end up being a target for Arya. Doesn’t Gendry have green eyes? Hard to tell.

– Somewhere in the depths of the internet, Kit Harington said he was disappointed at the ending. (Then made a pathetic attempt to backtrack). To me, this translates as: With King’s Landing burned to the ground, Dany immediately orders for Jon Snow’s execution. There may be a battle, there may not be one—and Jon is just burned to a charred crisp. Hey, we either might see or not see that he’s immune to fire as well, which can turn the tide. Probably. Or Kit is just acting out to lower expectations.

– Dany is going to win that battle no matter what. Drogon will die, though.

– Sansa never came up until at this very point in writing. So, maybe, with Dany on the throne, Winterfell will soon be a target to prevent Sansa from rallying people and instigate a rebellion. So, Sansa with Brienne and Bran, will head off to the North, and join the free folk. Maybe Ghost will find love and affection through Sansa.

– The last scene will be Dany sitting on the Iron Throne, feeling empty like a husk. There’s this big “Was it worth it?” question.

– Alternatively, there might be a scene where Dany sets sail back to Meereen, where a waiting Daario will be there to welcome her back. (Yeah right, but anything can happen at this point.)

– Dany sits on the Iron Throne, feeling empty like a husk. Yes, there’s also a big question in there if everything was worth it. Then a giant dragon killing scorpion bolt pins Dany to the Iron Throne and then she dies. That’s right, no one walks away.

– Would had been amazing to see some swords, possibly from our protagonists, melted into the Iron Throne.

– Bronn kills Tyrion. Sure, Dany won and all, but it is doubtful if Tyrion manages to convince her to give Bronn High Garden.

– Alternatively, if Gendry keeps a low profile, he’ll be visited by Arya.

That’s all I got.

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