Final Fantasy VII Remake


I take great pride being at E3 2015 where the “Final Fantasy VII Remake” was officially announced. And finally, after four years, we got a solid gameplay trailer.

Game Director, Tetsuya Nomura, has promised the game won’t actually be an exact remake, but more of a re-imagining, which to tell, translates as “Don’t get upset when there’s a couple of changes here and there.” And to me that’s totally cool. If “Kingdom Hearts” and “Advent Children” were any indicators, substance is down the drain. It’s visuals where Nomura excels at and that’s what I’m setting myself into.


Looking at the screenshot above, we are 100% certain that this is going to be an action-oriented RPG. As my friend said, it seems more like a down to earth “Final Fantasy XV.” Or a more realistic “Kingdom Hearts.” Considering Nomura has spent significant amount of years from those two titles, it makes sense 7R follows through.

There’s a lot of gauges in the game. Under “Command Menu” there’s two or three gauges, which we can assume will be increased later on. It hints that there’s a number of times you can use the Menu and will have to wait before using it again. I guess this is to prevent potion spams. Fair.

Also, I like this shade of blue they’re using. Very reminiscent to the original FFVII game.

On the right picture, there’s a bazillion gauges. The yellow ones under the character names seem to represent HP. Same with MP on the right, and below that appears to be Limit Breaks, assuming they make a return – and they should. But what’s up with the two blue bars? A gauge that represents character actions? Similar to the Active Time Battle in previous games? This is an RPG after all.

Well, whatever. We’ll have to wait until next month to get more details. We’ll probably get more trailers, game play mechanics, if there’s an overworld – an overworld where characters turn chibi would be so cool – an explanation how the game might be divided into “Parts,” which isn’t necessarily “episodic.” There are multiple titles after all. Who knows, we might get FFVII Part One and Part Two, which divides the main game into two – which would suck, then maybe a playable version of “Advent Children,” a better “Crisis Core,” and an even better “Dirge of Cerberus,” which could finally lead to that teased sequel. And of course, at E3, we might hear the release date, which is the most important.

Tetsuya Nomura was the character designer of the original “Final Fantasy VII.” He later directed the sequel movie, “Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.” He also directed “Kingdom Hearts,” yes, all ten billion of them. He also spent many years on directing and the development of “Final Fantasy XV” before handling the reins to Hajime Tabata.


“Are you okay?”

Knowing your future? I am not.

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