Tetris Effect (Not what you may think)


These past few weeks, before I write, or whenever I’m stuck in a rut, I open up my phone and go play Tetris. In about five minutes, whether I play bad or not, my mind starts to wander off, and in a sense this helps organize my writing.

Probably it’s the zen state, or arranging descending blocks in a neat order, or pulling some sick tech like a T-Spin are all adrenaline infusers all on its own. It’s weird, I love it. I don’t care what’s happening behind the scenes, if it works, it works.

I have also received this amazing ARC from Angry Robot, “God of Broken Things,” by Cameron Johnston. It’s the second book to the “Traitor God.” It’s due in June and I’ll be posting a review on it soon, in here, in Amazon, and in Goodreads. So far, it’s kick ass.

After finishing “God of Broken Things,” I think I’m going to a re-read of Steven Erikson’s “The Crippled God,” the final Malazan Book of the Fallen. I believe I’ve skipped a lot on it, at a time when I was a too young reader. There’s so much to learn from the Malazan books — but that’s different story altogether.


My own writing is doing well. A little slow, but making slow progress. I have completed “Part One,” though there are still multiple finishing and polishing that are needed, so there’s still way too much work to be done. I’m still trying to aim to meet the deadline before the Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog-Off kicks off. Epic credit to Mark Lawrence for giving everyone a voice, a platform for every writers and aspiring novelists out there.

Also, both Jay Kristoff and VE Schwab have each posted a picture of being together. Scheming. Both Kristoff and Schwab have excellent books and the possibility of the two of them brewing something up is definitely exciting.

Seems we have veered off from Tetris.

So, in any case, if you have a PS4, then you should totally play “Tetris Effect.” Do you have a Nintendo Switch? Go get “Tetris 99.”

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