On Twitter, Delilah S. Dawson, author of Phasma, Lady Castle, co-authored Kill the Farm Boy, and as Lila Bowen wrote Wake of Vultures, tweets Ten Things to help writers aiming to get traditionally published. And her words are helpful. It made me look at my story, chapter-per-chapter at a different light.

A few days ago her Ten Things topic was about dealing with naysayers and dreamkillers. About the latter of the two, she claimed, were people who meant well but were actually hurting you.

In this regard, memories flashed from several years ago. Perhaps I was in college or even in high school. I was reading a book when my grandfather knocked and showed me a clip out from a newspaper. It was from a publishing house that printed textbooks. And they were offering their services to unrepresented authors. I smiled to grandfather and said my thanks. I told him that wasn’t for me. And it isn’t, not for anyone.

My grandfather has zero clue about how the publishing world works, whether traditionally published or self-published. So he was merely grasping straws here, saw something in the newspaper and thought it was an opportunity for me.

But what my grandfather did was a gesture that I appreciated. It was a sign that he believed in me and I could finish a book and maybe get it published someday. It’s a powerful emotional support that I’ve forgotten, if not for Delilah S. Dawson’s tweets.

My grandfather is well in his mid-’80s now. Last time I checked, he’s 84. Still healthy, but having some locomotive problems. He’s birthday is nearing in a few months. I hope by then I’ve finished whipping up the Red Whale and see it off in a decent self-published manner, and, hopefully, would find a place in Mark Lawrence’s blog off.

Time to finish the book.

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