The Poppy War

I’ve read a lot of dark stuff. But this one takes the cake. Not Lawrence, not Abercrombie had been reeling away from the book and leaving me stunned.

The Poppy War by RF Kuang is more real than anything I’ve read. It’s visceral and it doesn’t shy away from every sort of violence. But it’s not violence for violence sake. Kuang explained it on her blog. I can’t do it justice.

The writing itself is fast paced and doesn’t waste details. It punches you forward, chapter after chapter. There is always something important or significant happening.

The first part of the book puts you in a military school. Cause, the schools-genre in fantasy is always fun. There are friendships made and rivals to punch in the face. But we all leave that behind rather quickly as the students are dropped into the realities of the world.

It’s a dark, dark book. But something worth investing.

Here’s Smash Mouth to lighten the mood.