Productivity has been bad this year. Q4 most especially. So much stress was poured onto me that writing my own stories felt like jobs I needed to take a break from. I was so fucking stressed that I grew a single strand of nose hair punching out of my nostril. And it was gray! I had a gray nose hair! You don’t get one until you’re in your 40s! And I just scooched a little to 30! 

Cause of this any efforts I had into writing was easily whisked away my shitstorm of distractions that fell my way. Alas, here they are. The killers of my precious, productive time. My, shame.

Only a few weeks ago during my day job when we had to make gift guide video. The Nintendo Switch was among the list and I had the opportunity to keep it for a week before it’s shipped back to its owner who doesn’t even use it! So yeah. Soent shit loads of time playing “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.” And man. Was it awesome.

About last year my brother-in-law and his family moved to Switzerland. It would take over two months for all their belongings to be delivered to their home. So instead of waiting he bought a freaking gaming laptop from Asus. When all their stuff arrived, the laptop was shelved where it gathered dust. Now he has visited and gave me the laptop. Just like that. Like. Damn! It only has an aged Nvidia GeForce GTX 960m, which isn’t really powerful, but hey! Why should I complain? I get to play as Geralt and have virtual bang-bang with Triss in “The Witcher 3.” Video rendering and exporting are also faster now compared to my previous laptop. So yeah, Steam’s a bitch.

Hey! It’s “Rick and Morty” and I believe I don’t have to explain myself here.

The 27th of December is Hayley Williams’ birthday. So yes. I am thrilled to know that it’s her birthday and she’s a little older now, maybe wiser, and even more gorgeous AF.

In time my friends. These distractions need to be swept away so I can keep on writing. Apex Publications is having an open house submissions, I am polishing up my novella. I’m pushing for it not because I’m confident it will be published or because I think this novella is damn good, but cause why the hell not? So yeah. Let’s start 2018 with a boom!

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