This Year in Reading

It was a rocky start but I was able to catch up a bit to my reading list. But I hadn’t consumed this much books since I first started reading in the early Y2K. 

So I’m just going to drop down some of the best stuff I got to read that helped me push my own writing aspirations forward.

Holy shit! This book was really good. The writing is simple, comprehensive and yet to sprinkles so much details in the mind. This is a story about a middle-aged teacher, who lost his newly-wedded wife, while out in their honeymoon in the Tower of Babel. It’s like reading a book produced by Studio Ghibi. You know, the people who made “Spirited Away.”

Holy shit! This book was freaking fun! It’s cheesy as fuck! But it’s hilarious and it’s fun! It’s an adventure story of old-timers. One last gig. The reunion. The greatest hit! It has tons of references from heavy metal and rock musicians, which all sweetens the deal. 

I really liked this book. It’s a folk tale. Something you would hear from people who has never left their remote village. I think I would have enjoyed it more if it had stayed that way. But it blends with more fantastical elements that gives it a whiff of epic famtasy into it with a really dark twist.

I think anything from Mark Lawrence is an obvious pick. Ninja nuns are awesome and I’ll just leave it as that.

Kristoff brainwashed me since Stormdancer, the first book of the Lotus War trilogy, which also happens to be the author’s debut novel. Godsgrave, book 2 of Nevernight, feels like a restart that ends with things kicking off toward a conclusion. The action is intense and the sex scenes are awesome.

If there’s a book out there that made me believe you can make one-book epics, this is it. Written by the same dude who wrote Marvel’s Doctor Strange, Sea of Rust is Mad Max with robots. 

The tension from the main characters got me so hooked I burned through all three books while putting on hold the rest of my reading list. It’s gritty and twisted, and the characters keep making mistakes which lead them to all sorts of crap. 

Special mentions should include Brandon Sanderson’s “Snapshot” which reminds me of a certain episode from the first season of Rick and Morty, and Pearce Brown’s Golden Sun and Morning Star from his Red Rising trilogy. Then of course there’s Marie Lu for her Warcross, but before that there was The Young Elites, Rose Society, and Midnight Star. 

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