To eat, or not to eat


The go-to buffet restaurant for celebrations, dates, and casual dinners. You get to eat there for free, given if it’s your birthday and dragging at least three or four others with you. 

They’ve got a ton of really tasty stuff for you to pluck, though most of the time whenever I actually get inside, was empty sushi trays. Cause, sushi is life.

Sad to say that they have really shitty policies for customers. The one in SM North EDSA, at least, displayed this kind of behavior.

What the hell am I talking about? Very well. The restaurant opens only within certain hours. Walk-in customers fall in line and get their information taken, including mobile numbers.

However, once the doors of paradise open, the policy kicks in. If your number is called and you are not there. They will wait for you, at least 30 minutes. What happens then, the place is opened up with vacant seats, and will remain that way until the current customer number shows up.

That number 25 in the photo has been that way for at least 20 minutes. It moved to 26 finally, and the waiting party entered, prompting to jump into 28 before stagnating once again.

The line continued to swell. Seats and tables inside remained empty. And again, they will move on only after 30 minutes.

Other restaurants will take your mobile number. And when you’re about to be called, they inform you via text message. If you don’t up show up soon, you will be skipped.

Vikings claimed no responsibility of alerting customers via text messages despite getting your number. Why? According to the lady I spoke with, “Company profile” and in case we left anything in their restaurant, they can contact us. 

After two hours, the queue number hit 31. I wish I were making this up.

This is bad practice. I can understand waiting up to 10 minutes but 30 is a bit too much and unfair to the crowd that is actually in queue. What if the party had decided to ditch the restautant to dine elsewhere? 

This policy is so inconsiderate and should not be tolerated. And yet people will continue to tolerate this. This is not the same as a busy restaurant that is full of customers. This is a restaurant that refuses to let customers inside. A stagnant system that its most faithful patrons won’t mind – cause, for a buffet, this place is actually really good. 

Still. The people who eat here doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment. The lack of action on the customers’ part will let Vikings know that this kind of thing is okay. 

The simplest solution is never to eat here again as someone that might seem to be ranting. They’ve lost a customer and I doubt that will really bother them. 

So yeah. Vikings can go to hell.

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