Innards #15: Shoryuken!


The word rolls around my tongue like a sweet ball of chocolate. I am savoring every bit of it as it melts in my mouth.

For all it’s word, the development of the “Year of the Red Whale” is again, running at full speed, after getting buried alive in a mountain of debris. The said debris, has finally popped out, like a nasty pimple.

Gross, I know.

I’ve included a bunch of stuff that were only ever to be glanced at. Such as sorcery. Mages exist in the world of Red Whale and after over 40k words, not a single scene involving magic has taken place. Only lots and lots of gun fights in a world where people still use swords as the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. Move over Zatoichi, The Man with No Name just walked into the saloon. Give the man some whiskey! He’s had a long ride home. But don’t expect Zatoichi just to vanish, he’d be checking in to one of the room upstairs.

So yeah: Magic, switched character roles, and deleted a bunch of useless words. It only saddens me that I had to kill off a character who was meant to live throughout the story. It worked though. The story started flowing more naturally after. I’ve also switched around the protagonist’s party a bit, so now I’m getting to know a whole bunch of new people that I’ve made up in the moment.

In other news, I have a ton of other stories waiting to be written. What’s awesome is that, the more they sit in the Vault, the more they sizzle, and new ideas for their respective worlds are starting to take shape. I would have never thought of these stuff if I were forcing myself to come up with some cool things.


I’ve also renewed my efforts to write novellas. I have originally planned to write and finish three before jumping into the whole novel. But, whatever. Like the stories locked in the Vault, the novellas have sizzled, bringing out some fresh flavor into the stew. I cannot wait to write them all.

One more thing. I am not the slightest bit embarrassed to learn the band, Blink-182. So here’s a song from them.


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