The Galaxy Note 8 hands-on impressions



Samsung showcased the Galaxy Note 8. Now believed to be 100% less prone to spontaneous combustion.

After the disaster that was the Note 7, it appears that Samsung is making a strong comeback, hitting harder and stronger with the Galaxy Note 8. It should come as no surprise that Samsung jumped in to the whole dual camera thing and quite honestly, I’m really impressed with what I’ve seen thus far.

The Galaxy Note 8 features a 6.3-inch QHD+ Super AMOLED screen. That means the resolution is really, really high. It’s Samsung’s phone with the biggest screen after the Galaxy S8+, which has a 6.2-inch screen. Yeah, it’s only bigger by .1 point. Big deal, Samsung will still brag about it.

Two 12MP rear cameras with a wide angle lens and a telephoto lens. It has this sassy Dual Capture mode that takes two photos at the same time, one standard, everyday shot, and a close-up shot.


The 6GB RAM is cute but the 64GB-only internal memory is not. According to Samsung reps, Southeast Asia will only be getting the 64GB storage while Korea gets to have that juicy 128GB version. That’s fine, I suppose, the Samsung reps are optimistic, saying it has an expandable storage with a memory card up to 256GB storage. If you’re willing to shell out a phone this expensive, a few extra bucks for a memory card shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

In terms of firepower, the Note 8 is said to have the same Exynos processor as the Galaxy S8+. In fact, you can mistake the Note 8 for the S8+. So what separates the two? The Note 8 has a bigger screen, of course. It features front and back Gorilla Glass 5. It two cameras in the back. And it has the almighty S Pen.

The S Pen is a nice piece of hardware that goes with the Note 8. You can’t have a Note 8 without the S Pen. The two co-exists that way. If you don’t care about the S Pen, then dive for the S8+ instead. The two are practically the same anyway.

Now the S Pen’s new tricks involve translation to 71 different languages and currency converter, which is real nice if you’re quite the traveler. No need to use that awful Google Translate, yah?

I wish I was able to take a better photo. You know, hold it in a portrait fashion, and take a photo in that style. I know, I suck, so this will have to do. In any case, the two 12MP rear cameras are top-notch. You can never expect anything less from Samsung. They love their cameras. And cameras is the phone’s lifeblood that can persuade a customer into getting the phone or not.


For the Note 8, Samsung introduces Live Focus, where you can basically blur out background image while focusing more into your subject. You do this real-time while the camera app is on and before you hit that shutter button. You can, of course, blur backgrounds after the photo has been taken.

Live Message is a feature that is quite similar to what Apple gave us. You can send animated texts and GIFs. Yay, so fun.



If you’re wondering what else can the Note 8 do. Well, there’s the App Pair feature. It’s when you have two apps do the fusion dance, similar to what Goten and Trunks do in “Dragon Ball Z.” To clarify, you combine two apps to make a new icon. You tap this icon and two apps will split your screen in half. This is otherwise known as multi-tasking. It’s handy. With this feature, you can tweet your damn “Game of Thrones” spoilers without ever switching apps. Douche.


Samsung is talking a lot about their digital assistant, Bixby. It’s like Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, or Cortana. Samsung wants to be in the game. I suppose this makes sense, considering Samsung has a bunch of appliances. It makes sense that they want to create a universal system to build your smart home and your Samsung phone will be the nexus of it all. Imagine a future where you open up Bixby and ask the contents of your Samsung refrigerator? Ask Bixby how your kids are doing and it will open up your Samsung home surveillance cameras. Tell Bixby to cancel your subscription of Netflix because of that kinda-awful-but-fun “The Defenders.” It’s fun to think about all those things because we see that kind of technology in science-fiction films and people of today keep saying the future is here. But you got to consider, it’s scary too when that happens, cybercrimes is happening, and you wouldn’t want strangers gawking at you, in your own home, through your cameras, while they sit thousands of miles away. Thus far, Samsung’s security is airtight, so you got little to worry about, for the time being.

Bottom line is, the Note 8 is basically a slightly upgraded S8+. You’ll be paying a bit more for the Note 8 and I believe there will be people who are going to regard the extra camera and the S Pen to be worth it deals.

In any case, you get all these pretty neat stuff for the cost of college tuition fee for your favorite child for one semester.

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