Anno 1800

I love city-building games. The first one I spent hours into was, of course, Sims City. I’d open my StarCraft map editor only to design sandbox maps with a strong emphasis on building and expanding your base. “Terraria” and “Starbound” too, spending hours building towns and making resorts and all that pizzazz. So it saddens me a little that my poor laptop cannot play “Cities” Skylines” properly. But that’s alright, there’s “Prison Architect,” “Project Highrise,” and “RimWorld.”

Now there’s another, Ubisoft readies “Anno 1800” an industrial revolution city-building game. I doubt my laptop will be able to play this game. In any case, this looks really good and maybe someday I’ll get my chance.

Press release follows:

Ubisoft announces Anno 1800

At Gamescom, Ubisoft announced the development of “ANNO 1800”, new opus of the famous franchise that will take place in the 19th century. “ANNO 1800” is scheduled to be released in Winter 2018 on Windows PC.

Developed at Ubisoft Blue Byte, Studio Mainz, “ANNO 1800” brings players at the dawn of the industrial age, a time of industrialization, diplomacy and discovery. Players will have the chance to prove their skills as a ruler, as they create huge metropolises, plan efficient logistic networks, explore and settle new lands and dominate their opponents by diplomacy, trade or warfare.


ANNO 1800™ combines the best of what the franchise can offer: a rich city-building experience, including a story-based campaign, a highly customizable sandbox mode and the classic Anno multiplayer experience.

“With ANNO 1800, we really wanted to please our fans by giving them the popular features of the franchise they love the most and combine it with an innovative gameplay and a memorable new setting” said Benedikt Grindel, Studio Manager of Ubisoft Blue Byte. “We can’t wait to share more content with players in the coming months.”

Ubisoft Blue Byte also offers players the opportunity to join their team in the creation of Anno 1800 with ANNO Union. This brand new community initiative will provide exclusive content, latest news, development insights, behind the scenes content and give them the opportunity to play the game early.


Gamers will be able to help the studio shape the future of the franchise, as they will regularly be invited to share their feedback, vote on features, create content and get the chance to take part in play tests during its development.

To have the chance to take part of the ANNO adventure, please register here:


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