Techspot #1

Lots of cool stuff happened this week. Got to watch “Into the Woods” and “Fantastic Four” for the first time and saw how bullshit they really were. Among other things, I found some awesome things.

HP A3 printers

Printers are now part of the internet-of-things. That means you can connect your smartphones to printers via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or whatever. That means printers are also hackable and can be used to steal confidential information, especially hospitals and other major institutions.

Apple *yawn*

WWDC 2017 showed how cool Apple can be. Or, not. We didn’t get anything new out of them. A few hardware upgrades, which is expected. The super-powered iMac Pro that starts in 5,000 USD will give people pause, and maybe make them go, damn, but no one who doesn’t need it, or has a lot of money, will really pay attention to it for long.

Even the 10-inch iPad Pro doesn’t really sound so exciting, especially if you already own the bigger and older iPad Pro. 

Apple making partners for their Apple TV cotent sounds nice though. Curating some of the hit shows into a single service has its charms.

The iOS 11 and MacOS High Sierra, well, meh. And the HomePods, it’s something we’ve expected considering Google and Amazon are going aggressive with their own stuff.

Monument Valley 2

Had no idea this came out. It’s crazy. The first game was surprisingly fun and so bright and rich of colors that made the game a visual delight. The sequel is no different. Just started playing it and completed a couple of levels and I know more awesome things will unravel soon.

PlayStation 4 Gold

Oh, shiny. I can imagine a lot if people are going to dig this but no thanks, the regular black will do just fine for me.

Wonder Woman

Whoo! Still haven’t gone to see it yet. The other day when the wife and I went to the theater, it was packed! No slots left! Hopefully this weekend we’ll get a chance.

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