This day was one the darkest times the world has seen. Widespread bombings all over the world, in less than 24 hours.

A bombing in Manchester, during an Ariana Grande concert.

A bombing in Thailand.

A bomb went off in Syria.

And then, in Marawi City, Philippines, a group has taken civilian hostages, torched institutions. Military has said to have dispatched and the government has urged citizens not to tweet when spotting operations within the city. Some people have taken this badly, believing the government is trying to hide the situation. At this point, there is no hiding it. The point of not tweeting about it, is to prevent the attacking group from knowing where the military is. People forget that even these people have their own social media accounts.

This day is so so sad. What can we do, but post in twitter with hashtags. And pray for the world. Words and sympathy cannot bring back those the people have lost. Tragic. And heartbreaking.

It makes you think if this era is worth having and raising children.

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