Visceral Writings 2.0

I think this may be the most unnecessary blog post here ever. But whatever. I planned to write something different but then I realized that this appears to be my 100th blog post. Never thought I would have been able to keep this up. I’m glad I did, really.

Just for stats. Visceral Writings started with the “Innards of an Erratic Writer” first published on August 25, 2012. Five years ago. Since then I have written a lot of random gibberish from total nonsense, my endless proclamation of love for Paramore, or, just Hayley, to book and phone reviews. Writing updates began to sparse out but things have never been better than before.

Somewhere down the pipeline I’d want this place to become something more than just an author blog that no one visits. And so, Visceral Writings 2.0 aims to deliver more relevant and polished blog posts in the future. I’d like to publish “articles” instead of “blog posts,” things that can be considered valuable and timeless, something that people will go back to whenever they feel like reading it again. I will continue putting up writing updates, along with reviews of random stuff I happen to pick up now and then, and a couple more inane things.

On the higher up side, things are looking good and exciting as “Year of the Red Whale” is entering its final writing stages. Editing process is going to be hell, so bring it on. Then I can finally begin worm my way through Project Ashes and proceed to a couple of cool horror stories I’ve come up with, which I’m really hyped to start writing. All the more reason to complete the Red Whale as soon as possible.

I’m still trying to make the blog look as pretty as I can. I uploaded a new header image, while it looks nice, it kind of blends with the font colors of “Visceral Writings” and “Innards of Jon Karoll” so I’ll figure that out soon.

In any case: Exciting times ahead!

I’ll just leave Paramore’s newest single here as a celebration of sorts. Even though I don’t 100% like the new genre they’ve shifted to.

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