Reckoning of Dragons: Dragon Killer

I think Rob May, author of the trilogy “Reckoning of Dragons,” is a talented author. I think he’s a great writer and he tells an intriguing story. I got the entire trilogy upon a recommendation by a friend.

Now, I finished the first book, titled “Dragon Killer” and decided to set aside the next two books for a while. While I had just praised May’s writing skills, I found “Dragon Killer” could have had a few more edits to deliver a far more polished product.

By edits: I don’t mean fixing grammar, cause May has that under control. “Dragon Killer” has a beginning, middle, and an end. However, somewhere halfway through, the middle and the beginning jumbles up. It’s as if, May suddenly decided that he wanted to tell a story in the same vein as Patrick Rothfuss in his “The Kingkiller Chronicles” or Anthony Ryan’s “Blood Song.” It could had worked and I think it would have worked. I found Kalina Moonheart an interesting character: Strong, fierce, and clever. And her relationships with other characters are seems fascinating. But we never really get the chance to see that develop.

The novella would have had a more fluid storytelling to it without the first several chapters. I have a couple other more comments but I’m dwelling in on that pit where I’d rather just stay quiet and know my place. Nothing too drastic anyway. Just how I would have done things differently. For instance, the first three or five chapters would had focused on Kalina, on us, getting to know her. And then we swoon backwards, digging through her history, picking out the tiny but interesting details that culminated to who she was into the current timeline of “Dragon Killer.”

Overall I’m somewhat satisfied with the novella. I read the first chapter of the second book, “Roll the Bones” and I have thoroughly enjoyed that so far. So I’ll reserve any other comments when I’ve finished the next two books.

Thus far, I’ll say “Dragon Killer” is a little decent read. Just skip the entire “Part One” as from Part Two onward, you’ll be revisiting events from the first part, in a shorter and more interesting way.

2 thoughts on “Reckoning of Dragons: Dragon Killer

  1. Hey Jon. Thanks for the review! You may be interested to know that Dragon Killer did actually once begin with Part Two, and then start digging backwards. I added what is now Part One only recently while expanding the whole box set, in an attempt to to give the story a more conventional opening. Possibly a mistake, but I have George Lucas’s habit of tinkering …

    You’re also right in thinking I have pretensions to be the next Patrick Rothfuss,although that’s a coincidence since I’ve literally only just started The Name of the Wind 😉

    • You surprised the hell out of me, sir! I didn’t expect for the author of the book I just reviewed to pop up here. Thanks for the time to comment. Don’t mind how I perceived Dragon Killer’s Part One, that’s just me. And just to let you know, Roll the Bones’ first chapter was a lot of fun and how it all turned out.

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