So I watched “Logan” the other day with the wife.

I thought I was alright when we walked out of the cinema. And then I started walking on my own toward the toy shop, staring at the Mazinger figures. I shed tears. I think I needed to.

Why shouldn’t I? I grew up with these characters. I was there when the first “X-Men” film was shown in theaters. And “Logan” was clear to point out about the film’s climactic battle. “X-Men” was the reason how Marvel films were first appreciated. Then we got “Spider-Man” eventually leading to “Iron Man” and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So, coincidence or otherwise, we owe a lot to “X-Men.” Enough about that.

“Logan” is more about the relationship between Logan and Professor Charles Xavier. And less to do with Logan and Laura. Looking back, almost all of the X-Men films were family-centered. They were about building strong bridges and patching the holes on old ones. There’s a lot of dad or parental issues there too. None came as close as “Logan.” It exceeded expectations. We were given a proper drama film with action elements that made perfect use of the characters they were given with.

The emotion fires up all twelve-cylinders. It’s intense. The action sequences, in truth, while amusing, were the less interesting bits of it. The quiet moments between Logan and Charles, the laughter, the constant swearing between the two – and yes, hearing Charles drop the F-Bomb several times is both hilarious and shocking at the same time – were all the film’s finest highlights.

The relationship between Logan and Laura was not explored as much as I’d hope it would. There is almost nothing that between the two that allowed them to bond. Charles served as an anchor and that worked well for a while. Then again, I could be missing things here: Laura continued to hold on hope that Logan is the hero she thinks he is. And Logan, well, for Charles’ sake.

Logan just tried to do what he thought was right. He is son and father who is struggling to find ways to keep the family intact, when things are falling apart faster than he could patch anything up.

I don’t think I’ll ever watch “Logan” again. It is a great film. One of the best I’ve seen for a long time. But I just don’t think I can handle the sucker punches again. How far the Wolverine has fallen. How the X-Men is no more. How Professor Xavier wanders around inside a collapsed silo, rambling to himself, unable to immediately recognize people. Oh, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. More things unravel soon and it became intense. And later, when you think things are quiet, here comes a moment that won’t allow you to breath. It will just take away your strength and you will feel weak, and just think to yourself, “I grew up with these characters.” To me it did, at least. It’s been days and the burden in my chest remains heavy.

My wife got emotional too, but only at the very last scene, where she mentioned to me that it was indeed, a finality, an end of an era.








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