Let’s talk about the Predator 21X

A few days ago I actually got to play with Acer’s gaming monster, the Predator 21X. And this thing costs 9,000USD. If you want to be specific, 8,999USD. In the country where I’m taking residence at, it costs about 450K, half a million. Add another 500K and you have a spanking new Honda Civic 2017 . Choose your poison.


When the Acer Predator 21X first landed in the office, I was surprised to find a luggage half my size. It was huge. It weighs eight kilos and while the laptop itself isn’t really heavy, the rest the stuff that comes with it are.

The Acer Predator has a 2K curved screen. The angle feels odd at first as the display being curved inward to you, but then, just give it a couple of minutes, and you may find yourself immersed as ever into whatever world you’ve plunged yourself into.

It has two Nvidia GTX 1080 graphics cards. Now, one of those things is more than enough to pretty much run any videogame today. Having TWO of those motherfuckers would give you an overkill impression. If you settle down for a bit. Is it really overkill? If you want to play over 60FPS at 2K, hell man, this is for you.

Boot up is amazing. That’s expected, having a 1TB SSD. And 64GB RAM tells us this thing can and will run over just about anything. And to cool this thing down? FIVE cooling fans. Holy shit, right? Surprisingly, the Predator was quiet.

Let’s take a look at some of the popular games’ recommended specs based from Steam and Google.

Doom: Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 4GB.

Dark Souls III: Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 970.

Grand Theft Auto V: Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 660 2GB.

Overwatch: Intel Core i3, 4GB RAM with 768MB VRAM, Nvidia GTX 460.

League of Legends: Intel Core i3, 4GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce 8800.

If you compare, holy shit, right? You can practically play any game with the Predator 21X. If you’re a YouTuber, you can edit and render videos with this thing no problem – even though an Nvidia employee told me that the Nvidia Titan X is recommended for video rendering.

Anyhow, no doubt you can even compete in “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” with this thing where every nano-second is essential to victory.

One of the more cooler features the Predator 21X has is the number pad. It attaches on the side of the keyboard via magnet. You can detach and flip it around for it become a regular touch-pad. It’s a small but really awesome thing. The Dolby sound is pretty rad as well. On 50% volume, playing Paramore and Van Halen music with and the office was ready to explode. I love it.

On the left side is the headphone jack and a port dedicated to microphones, which, will get you in touch with your teammates or whenever you’re recording commentary for your video. And finally, as for the mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switches, I’m not sure what to feel about it. The clicks when pressing them feels satisfying but in some way I feel they’re a little too cramped together. Maybe it’s not designed to be a typing machine? Of course it isn’t and the keys being spaced so close would make it easier to hit skills buttons when playing.

A colleague had mentioned that hardcore gamers who has the buck will get this. Or someone who is about to dive into the hardcore gaming scene would. Look, I don’t know, I went into some soul searching, and I just thought that maybe, just maybe, a hardcore gamer would prefer to build his own gaming rig. It would be cheaper. And it would be your own piece of art. How I see it, the Acer Predator 21X is for people who has the buck, and just wants a really powerful laptop. If there’s one thing my colleague said that I’d agree, this thing is a more than capable desktop-alternative.

I wish I had more photos to share to prove that I’ve actually managed to play with it. But ah well.

One of my earlier posts, I said that I would buy this thing if I had the money. I kind of want to take that back. I don’t think 9K is worth shit. Especially I can build my own setup, choose exactly the parts I want. As purty as the curved screen is, I don’t really need it, a standard 2K flat screen is more than enough to satisfy my graphical needs. Now, if I had shit loads of money, like, a really lot, then, as how Acer put it, “Why not?”

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