Delicious Friends


It appears that I simply cannot learn.

I have my WIP, “The Year of the Red Whale” and it is being developed rather smoothly. I have about 40,000 words in, halfway through before I start chopping limbs and make sure they re-grow right. There are also a slew of other stories eager to be written into existence. And already, out of the blue, I have initiated a brand new project on a whim.

To make matters worst. It isn’t just a new story.

Over a year or two I used to read a lot of articles from the gaming website, Killscreen. And they loved talking about Failbetter Games’ “Sunless Sea.” And recently, I decided to download it on Steam and play it. By damn, my head was blown away.

It’s a pretty savage game with a, simple combat mechanic. What made it interesting is the adventures. Taking risky voyages far into the sea. The farther you go, the fewer supplies to eat, the fewer fuel to have to get home. Cannibalism and madness take over. It’s a well-polished game.

Then I learned all about their policies about fan work and how they support indie developers, going to the point in providing rich lore of advice in how to become a better writer – in the verse of game design.

In short, I have become madly in-love with the world of the “Sunless Sea.” So I sent them an email, telling them I’d like to write a fan novella. They responded less in 24 hours, saying yes, reminding me of their guidelines. My mind just sunk in to the bottom of the Unterzee.

Will I still go for it? Damn right. Why not just write my own story in my own universe? Great question. I don’t know how to answer that. I just want to contribute something into their universe, even if its just a novelized fan-fiction.Maybe this is a catalyst, for me to try to speed up and improve my writing progress. We’ll see.

I have no characters and no plot to begin with. I even have doubts in my own skill, afraid to put a tiny stain on the Fallen London Universe (the world where Sunless Sea take place) even though it would be something easy to ignore. So, in the coming weeks, I’ll be spending more time playing the game, digesting the lore, studying the intricate writing and design, and seek deeper understanding in the Wiki.

I have also put up the new image header for this blog. The very first since I started this in 2012. It’s a wallpaper from the “Sunless Sea” and apparently, I’m allowed to use it as a book cover.

Again, what I’m about to do is a fan work, based on the Fallen London Universe, created by the game developer, Failbetter Games.Estimated production time will be on the last week of March.

Exciting times ahead.

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