Close Call

Today I am grateful.

About two years ago I treated myself with a Lenovo device, where I had written dozens of stories. Then it came to an unexpected problem where Windows 10 couldn’t be loaded correctly. I tried to solve the issue by myself but got nowhere. I had the laptop fixed but for some nefarious reasons, retailer suggested replacing the laptop instead.

To this, I agreed, shedding a few extra bucks for a laptop that, at least could be used for gaming. I couldn’t play “Overwatch” with it. Hell, I can’t even play “Heroes of the Storm” or “Dota 2” in it properly, which is weird.

In any case, this laptop has allowed me to write and re-write over dozens of stories and a little over a hundred articles for the broadsheet. A few months later, the very same problem that has seized my Lenovo. I was furious. I raged. I smacked the wall.

My wife was a little scared of me as I went ballistic. For that, I am truly, ashamed. For her love and everything that is good, she just clung on to me. And, after I had calmed, I restarted the laptop on Safe Mode, took what I can, and decided a last ditch fix. Almost the same things I did with the Lenovo a year before, along with a few tweaks. My wife guided the entire way, as we plunged through advanced troubleshooting and venturing into the depths of command prompts.

Somehow we fixed it. And for that, I am grateful, to her, to the Lord, I am able to continue writing on this machine a little longer. Oh, I intend to switch to a MacBook when I get the budget.

For now, I’ll keep on writing.

Listening now: Surrender the Night, My Chemical Romance

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