Production at full go!

After weeks of going back and forth in other things that needed immediate attention, I am back at full production for “Year of the Red Whale.”

My word count has soared up to 50,000. It is not a great number from a shy over 35,000 from last month, but I managed to plunge right through it. I had to delete entire sections and chapters of the novel to begin a fresh start with greater clarity in mind.

It’s never easy to cull huge chunks of your story. Sometimes it is necessary though. Who knows, maybe they will end up as part of a “Deleted Scenes” section, somewhere, somehow.

This is still Draft 1, I should say. But I’m doing everything I can to polish it as I go deeper into the story. Maybe that’s why it’s taking me too long to finish the entire damn book.

I’ve also finished writing a short story titled “Shiny’s Purple Bottle.” It’s a story about a woman and her mother.

I think I’ll send this off to a magazine. Maybe at Shock Totem when they open submissions. I’ve always wanted to get my story published by them, been watching them from the very start. So far I had submitted one story to them, which was rejected, and after looking at the story, I can see why they, or any other publication would decline in publishing it.

I do hope that this new short has the meat and bones professional publications are looking out for. I’ll keep polishing this story until Shock Totem becomes available.

In the meantime I’ll draft another short story. One that isn’t horror or weird, for once. All my shorts are either of those two. Maybe I’ll try my hand for science-fiction and aim for Clarkesworld.


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