The juggernauts of gaming notebooks

CES 2017 sure is a blockbuster of technology, eh? Companies are showcasing robots and smart cars, giving a strong focus on the Internet of Things, and throwing even more powerful hardware for us to burn through our wallets with.

Earlier today I saw a stellar lineup of OLED TVs from both LG and Sony. The W7 Signature OLED by LG is breathtaking, and I look forward to someday have one of those things in my living room. Equally amazing is the Sony Bravia A1 series. It’s Sony though, so the cost of it will definitely blast a crater, devastating enough to shatter my entire fragile bones.

Then I got an email from HyperX, telling me all about their new gaming mouse, the Pulsefire, which you can adjust the settings without installing software, and that’s kind of sweet since I somehow always lose my install CDs. lenovo-laptop-legion-y720-15-hero

Lenovo surprised the hell out of me with the Legion Laptops. The Y720 is a pretty solid start for Lenovo shifting gears up to compete with MSI, Asus, and Acer. The Y720 fires up with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, which a bit lower than the more awe-inspiring 1060, 1070, and the amazing 1080, but it is freakishly better than the 980, which still has a strong presence in local markets.

razerBut what really blew the roof off my home was Razer. They introduced Project Valerie, a concept notebook that will have three screens. That’s right. Three freaking screens on a notebook. Why do gamers need three screens? Wider-angled viewing and multi-tasking, basically. Curved monitors can offer the same level of immersion these days. I think.

Then there’s the Acer Predator 21x. It’s priced at 9,000 USD. 8,999-if you want to be exact. Now, if I were to spend a lot of money to get a gaming notebook. This would be it. Sure, it’s not mobile. Money is better spent on building your own rig, or nab a Razer Stealth Pro, which is damn gorgeous already. But if I were to get a gaming notebook and I had the money: It needs to be the Predator 21x. Curved screen, two GTX 1080, up to 64GB DDR4. Oh yeah. It also has five cooling fans. That technically should keep the Predator pretty cool, or a little warm at least. I can’t say how loud it will be though.


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