DC Extended Universe

I don’t remember where I read, just that I read it. Ben Affleck, about him doing the standalone “Batman” film and his comments on “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

In the article, Affleck mentioned that people wanted a lighter tone in a story, and that people criticized DoJ for its dark tone. I find myself in disagreement. The tone of the film had nothing to do why the film didn’t sit right with me or to a bunch of people who didn’t like the film.

The idea of Superman being the world’s greatest threat is a solid concept. People are afraid of him and Bruce Wayne (Affleck) has seen it, witnessed it firsthand, and yes, he is afraid of the man. But when all of this winds down to Lex Luthor being a drooling baboon who manages to fix up the Man of Steel and the Bat on a last man standing match is just plain ridiculous. It could’ve been done in a better way. Something along the lines of the animated film “Return of the Dark Knight Part Two,” which has a simpler idea but ended up being vastly superior. Not to mention the actual fight scene was rather poor.

Anyhow, let’s move on from this. That film is now buried in the abysmal grave known as 2016. Let’s talk about the future.

The DC Extended Universe is gearing up with lots of cool stuff. “Wonder Woman” is just right over the horizon. Then we’ll be be seeing “Justice League.”

The next ones in line are: The Flash, Aquaman, Shazam, Cyborg, and the Green Lantern Corps, plus two more untitled films in pre-production. Somehow, “Justice League Part Two” is gone.

You see, I like to tinker on ideas. It helps me build on my own, motivates me to get some things down. Even this blog post is filler to help ease my mind and get back on track.

Beyond DC’s initial plans, I hope to one day see a Batman film that features the Red Hood, with Tim Drake having some focus. This would lead to a Teen Titans film, which should be damn fun. A “Green Lantern: Rebirth” storyline would be gold, followed by the “Sinestro Corps War” two or three years later. A Superman film titled “Superman: Prime” ought to blow the balls out of the fans. “Justice League: Infinite Crisis” and then maybe, just maybe, individual films with elements of “Countdown to Final Crisis,” which will loop to “Superman: Apokalips” that would lead to “Justice League: Final Crisis Part One.”

Then we can talk about “The Brave and the Bold” where major heroes team up with smaller, lesser known DC heroes to give them their own tiny spotlight. Come now, a Hal Jordan and Barry Allen crossover would be wicked cool. Then we can move on to the “Injustice” story lines and the “Convergence.”

Come on DC! You’ve got a lot of amazing material here. You cannot not fail with all of this source materials. Just have faith in them for crying out loud. With Geoff Johns in the helm, I do hope things would take a sweet turn in the future.

Do we need lighter toned stories? Not necessarily. The animated series “Justice League” and “Batman the Animated Series” were both dark and grim. Remember that Batman episode where some tugs drowned Matt Hagen with that clay formula-whatever that turned him to Clayface? That was sick and twisted for a TV cartoon. It was effective though. It’s all in the execution.We can have a few funny jibes here and there. But not Marvel level humor. DC can still excel and rival Marvel, only if they just get their shit right.

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