Bloodrush: Scarlet Star #1


Book cover of “Bloodrush” by Ben Galley

I’d never thought of enjoying someone wallow in their own misery, trudging through one disaster after another and to rise on top to watch it all burn, in such a light mannered tone.

“Bloodrush” by Ben Galley was something I found enjoyable.

There were some fair bits of over description of things. Some chapters felt too long. And, for a long time, it felt like the book was going nowhere in its plot. But you know what? That’s just damn fine. This isn’t just some mystical man-child savior destined to save the world – at least, not yet as far as I know, it’s a coming-of-age story where a boy learns the ropes of life.

There’s family drama in it too, and the usual cowboys vs Indians we’ve seen a few dozen times in Western films. Though it’s no “Dances with Wolves,” more like “Thor” when he first steps into Earth. There’s a lot more going on in the story with just enough side stories to keep things interesting.

Magic in the book caught me a little off guard. Until about halfway through the book, all the magical stuff came in the form of mythical beasts and strange landscapes. Though I suppose a magic system shouldn’t had been excluded from the equation, no matter how late it arrives, the book cover features a sigil, which reminds me for some reason witchcraft or shamanic symbols. As for the magic system itself, did I like it? I think I do. It involves ingesting something and taking its power. It’s hard to talk about it without some bloody spoilers.

I found the book cover ever misleading. We have here folks, is what appears to be a gunslinger, holding a rifle. The story is about a 13-year-old boy who hates guns and has nothing to do with the book cover whatsoever, no matter how nice it looks. I figured the gunslinger was probably one of the other major characters in the book, as our little bitch of a hero comes to meet new people out in the frontier. I’m sorry to say I’m a little disappointed by the outcome of that speculation.

All things considered, “Bloodrush” is a page-turner. I’ve enjoyed most moments in the book. There were a few paragraphs and wordings I felt that needed to be rewritten – but who am I to say that? I might be suffering the same thing with my own stories.

I have taken the quick opportunity to link Amazon’s “Bloodrush” page here.

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