Project Crown

These are harsh times for me. I haven’t gotten into writing my manuscripts in a long time due to stress in my day job and other matters. It has made me getting back into projects Ashes and Sherlock difficult.

So, to get back into a writing groove, I have started Project Crown. It was an idea that took off around mid 2015, but never really explored it until a few days ago while riding the train to work.

Project Crown will be a revenge story with bits of romance, family issues, political conspiracies, gangs, betrayal, and supernatural mumbo jumbo.  It will also include, weird magic, giant walking war machines, powered armors, and whatever else I can think of that will fit in the settings.

I still have no pitch for this. But through my day-to-day commute, riding trains and buses, the story has been mapped out pretty well. I see the beginning, middle, and end. It will be a standalone, about 120,000-150,000 words at most, maybe.

I’ll add more details eventually. I don’t expect to finish this story in a while considering Ashes and Sherlock are top priorities. But meh, who knows.

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