It is about time.

The entire Project Dark still has a long way to go. The first book needs more refinement and polishing. I can never not write enough of it.

The first book is designed to have 70,000 words with three parts. However, in this case, I intend to release the first part of the book, which is titled “Ashes” as a free novella in Amazon Kindle Direct and in Smashwords. It contains 30,000 words and has all the elements I wanted to put in a story.

I wanted it to be a short “magic school-ish” type of story, but the thing has taken a life of its own and has fought with me for the longest time about how it should be written. And I am thankful for that struggle, as I did manage to find several loopholes scattered around that I would have missed and mess up the whole story.

Currently, my good friend, Mark, is working on a book cover. We’ll have something to show in the next few days. Most likely, after my wedding on the 23rd.

The novella will be published later this month, which, truthfully, adds some stress into me. I dislike setting personal deadlines, because I tend to break promises. However, it’s nice to have a goal, which is the main purpose of this post.

Parts Two and Three will be completed within the next few months and I intend to publish them, including Part One, as a whole book, with a spanking new cover, also from Mark.

I’ll talk about more details soon. Time to pray and cross my fingers for the best.

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