It is about time.

The entire Project Dark still has a long way to go. The first book needs more refinement and polishing. I can never not write enough of it.

The first book is designed to have 70,000 words with three parts. However, in this case, I intend to release the first part of the book, which is titled “Ashes” as a free novella in Amazon Kindle Direct and in Smashwords. It contains 30,000 words and has all the elements I wanted to put in a story.

I wanted it to be a short “magic school-ish” type of story, but the thing has taken a life of its own and has fought with me for the longest time about how it should be written. And I am thankful for that struggle, as I did manage to find several loopholes scattered around that I would have missed and mess up the whole story.

Currently, my good friend, Mark, is working on a book cover. We’ll have something to show in the next few days. Most likely, after my wedding on the 23rd.

The novella will be published later this month, which, truthfully, adds some stress into me. I dislike setting personal deadlines, because I tend to break promises. However, it’s nice to have a goal, which is the main purpose of this post.

Parts Two and Three will be completed within the next few months and I intend to publish them, including Part One, as a whole book, with a spanking new cover, also from Mark.

I’ll talk about more details soon. Time to pray and cross my fingers for the best.

Last day on Earth

Well, that was rather unsatisfying. I’ve been looking forward who dies at the season finale of “The Walking Dead.” Though they had not exactly revealed who it is, the money’s on…

*The Walking Dead spoilers below, for both the TV series and the comic books*

In the season finale, Negan makes an appearance, capturing most of Rick’s group. They are pushed into a hopeless situation. The intense and stressful spirit of death lingers in the air. You get the strong feeling that someone will die – you know someone will.

This is reflection of the previous season’s opening season. When the group had been trapped by the people of Terminus. Glenn on his knees, the cannibal behind him ready to smash the platinum baseball bat into his head. And on the last minute, Carol storms in and saves the day.

Same story with Negan. But there is no one to help. No one will come. Not this time. Negan smashes his baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, which he calls Lucille, into one of Rick’s group. We see what’s happening in a first person perspective. We’ll have to wait until October to find out who dies. But this is Glenn, my gut tells me so. It’s been a while since we had a significant death that will affect everyone, viewers included.

I hope I’m wrong though.


One of my favorite authors, Jay Kristoff, is on the roll. I don’t exactly remember when he launched his debut novel, “Lotus War 1: Stormdancer,” but it might have been in 2013, which was immediately followed by two sequels, “Kinslayer” and “Endsinger.”

This trilogy was amazing. It combined elements such as Steampunk and Japanese culture into one. Even Japanese anime prefer to use the steampunk genre in a Western setting. But somehow Kristoff has pulled off one kick ass story. Though it has received its fair share of criticisms, particularly how the author had mishandled the culture.

But that’s besides the point. As soon as “Endsinger” was released, Kristoff had announced he was co-writing a trilogy set with Amie Kaufman called the “Illuminae Files.” It’s sort of like, “House of Leaves” in space, but 1,000,000 times more readable and enjoyable. “Illuminae” is out now and while the second book, “Gemini” (I can’t remember!) isn’t, Kristoff announced “Nevernight,” the first of his “God’s Grave Chronicles” or something, I’m not sure I got the series’ name right. “Nevernight” is set later this year, and it has an fucking gorgeous book cover that I used as my phone’s wallpaper.

Now, just recently, Kristoff has once again announced on his blog, a new YA story, called “LIFEL1K3.” He pitched it as, and I quote, “Romeo and Juliet meets Bladerunner, while Fury Road plays a guitar solo in the background.”

I’m pretty much sold. By the time the “Nevernight” books are complete no doubt Kristoff would have two or three more stories planned. I just find it deeply inspiring that someone is willing to shed off sleep to write awesome books.

It’s a testimony that sometimes, you just got to write to finish a story, and keep on writing some more. I’ve written before that I’ve 20+ stories locked in a shelf somewhere in the North Pole, and the stacks there are just piling up. Those stories won’t write by themselves, and it’s time to strap up and push forward.

My own trilogy is looking much better than I could hope for. Project Dark’s Book One, codenamed “SIN,” is sticking around 40K words as we speak. I’m aiming for 80K, which I intend to cut to 70K.

I’m now discussing with a friend about designing a kick ass book cover. I showed him Kristoff’s “Nevernight” cover and it blew his eyeballs to Jupiter. He admits he won’t be able to do it. I don’t mind, shouldn’t expect much, really. But I do hope the outcome will look awesome.

More info on this someday! For now, I write until 4am, cause, I got to go to India as a journalist.