It’s fan fiction time! The recent “Batman v Superman” film was recently screened earlier today and almost all cinemas have nothing but it on their slots. I intend to see it next week, when some of the dust has settled. But if what I hear is true, I’m up for a bigger disappointment than I’ve expected. You see, ever since I found out Zack Snyder was the film’s director, I never built up my expectations. I knew in my heart that it’s going to be a so-so film – at least, storytelling wise. But high-level of entertainment and flashiness? Yep, Mr. Snyder knows what’s that department and executes them well and proper – Michael Bay should take pointers and not simply blow shit up. But from what I heard, even the action was uninspired. So, I don’t know if I should throw my money away in a film I’m not really excited about, or what the hell? I guess I’ll find out next week.

On the other hand, my brain is going haywire on developing my own fan fiction film ideas for superhero films. And I would want to someday become a film director, realistically, that’s impossible. I could become a scriptwriter though, but that’s a different thing.

Anyway, for the sake of flushing out these random ideas, let me just write them out here. In the future, if Hollywood does something like anything I’ve written, it’s no coincidence. They read it here.

Let’s begin!

Batman Reboot

Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” trilogy was fantasy. It will be a hard act to follow up and Ben Affleck is up against Nolan fanatics. But in any case, if I were to make a Batman film, it would begin in the Cape Crusader’s later years. There will be two versions of this.

The first would begin with Batman initiating a rescue operation for Robin – aka, Jason Todd – ah, ah! Some of you get it by now. So yes, after an intense action scene and Jason Todd can just burn to hell, with a hardcore New 52-style Joker mocking Batman and the corpse of Robin 2.

That’s just the prologue. Years later, Tim Drake enters the scene as a vigilante wannabe. He goes chases after Batman as he goes from scene-to-scene investigating a new douche bag in town who calls himself the Red Hood. But we won’t waste time prolonging the mystery on who the fuck the Hood is. Longtime fans will know about it already and the non-hardcore people will be like, “I bet that’s Jason!” No shit. That’s why it needs to come out ASAP.

Basically, the film will focus more on Drake and the Hood. A few jokes between Bruce and Alfred about the possibility of going into prison for child labor and those stuff. While the Joker will be in it, the Black Mask will be the main villain with Killer Croc on the side. Hell, if I could cameo Bane instead, I’m all for it.

The idea is something similar to one of the Batman animated films, I think the one with the Red Hood title. In fact, an adaptation of that shit with an added focus on Drake would be the bomb.

I’m tired of another reboot where we see Thomas and Martha Wayne getting shot in an alley. I’m tired of the Bruce finding himself and all that. The 1989 “Batman” directed by Tim Burton did this perfectly. And we’ve already seen the entire origins in Nolan’s “Begins.” Unlike what Sony did to “Spider-Man” and what Fox did to “Fantastic 4.” Two origins, come on.

I like this Red Hood setup cause it 1) Dick Grayson has abandoned the Bat to become Nightwing, meaning we get a potential Nightwing film. 2) We get Tim Drake, which sets up a potential Teen Titans film series. While at it, throw in a Deathstroke film, so it collides with the Teen Titans material. If they did that though, people might point out “Hey DC ripped off Deadpool!”

ANYWAY… the second idea for the film would focus primarily on the Wayne-Todd relationship. How he got caught and how he gets killed off, so the sequel would hold a deeper emotional foundation for Todd. Not sure if Drake’s origins here would be a nice throw-in. It would make the plot convoluted. I could discuss why in length, but I wanna talk about the next superhero fan fiction!

The Fantastic fucking 4

Seriously, what the fuck was that last one? Well, whatever. The focus on this one, wouldn’t be about the F4. It would focus on Victor Von Doom. About his early years, about his mother getting burned as a witch, about him and his father being hunted down and dying out of the coldness in the mountains. A “Batman Begins” type of approach where Doom finds himself. Somehow, his genius-level intellect is heard across seas, where maybe a Storm foundation hears about Doom and offers him education. There Doom meets Reed Richards and Ben Grimm. The latter fucking Doom up, which causes him to go back to Latveria

Now, this isn’t exactly The Doom what others have expected. Jack Kirby, one of the co-creators of Doom, said so himself that Doom is evil. Modern versions of Doom depicted him as an evil son-of-bitch who skins people in exchange for demonic powers. That’s fine and all, I just want a lead up to how he became evil, at the same time sympathetic that vanishes little by little as his evilness develops. The only problem here is his mask. It will always be a better story and a better entertainment not to show Doom’s face and keep it hidden behind a mask. But meh, then again Hollywood has repeatedly showed his face, so a third one shouldn’t be all that upsetting.

Well that sums it up

What I might have said is all but garbage, but hey, it was a run thought.

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