The Same Boat

The moment of truth is here. The episode in “The Walking Dead” that will decide the next biggest character kill. Who will it be?

Shit loads of spoilers below.

In previous episodes we got some heart-to-heart screen time with Abraham, Carol, and Glen. It’s almost safe to assume that one of them will be killed by Lucy — Negan’s trusty barbed wired baseball bat.

My money’s on Abraham. They really did go far to make Abraham an insensitive douche by dumping Rosita just like that. If I remember correctly, Abe got killed off without warning. TV shows tend to be a little more ceremonial to its central characters and Abraham has been getting a lot of attention lately. It’s an obvious lead-up to his death. He doesn’t last long during the Negan arc anyway.

In the comic series, it was Glen who got a kiss from Lucy. And that’s not far off from the bat. In the first episode of season 5, “No Sanctuary,” we saw Glen on his knees, a platinum baseball bat lingering at the back of his head. Comic fans would know that this was a premonition. Then there was the death tease in season 6 with “Thank You” and again in the episode “No Way Out.”

However, if we’re going to look at this with some ceremonial farewells. We have to take a look at Enid. A few months ago, she’s trying to escape Alexandria, and we see her writing “JSS” everywhere. To this point we don’t really know what that means. Maybe in the next season, or after the whole Negan mess. I suspect, Enid is with the Whisperers. A group led by Alpha – who has recently done some serious fucked up shit. It was so bad it made both Negan and the Governor the reasonable ones.

We’ve seen Enid and Glen developed a close relationship. If Glen were to be killed off during the Whisperers’ arc instead. That could cause emotional depth toward Enid. Plus, it also unburdens some load off from Maggie – imagine if Glen gets killed next episode, it would be all her fault for striking the deal in the first place, and it would pile up to her whole tragic character role – losing everyone she loves. That would be interesting, actually. It would also be a sort of moral retribution in some way – up until Rick’s insistence, Glen has never killed a human. But we all want Glen to hang out with us just a little bit more. And after the earlier death teases, I don’t think the fans will be able to handle a third situation so soon. Third time’s the charm, really. Either way, whether it’s next episode or by Alpha’s command, Glen will die at some point.

Now we focus on Carol. Nope. She’s way too badass. She’s already dead in the comics, and thus far, the TV show has been loyal to the source material. Except Andrea. She was the exception. She’s alive in the comics and currently Rick’s lover, instead of Michonne. I don’t blame why they got rid of her so soon. She shot Daryl in season 2, and despite good intentions, was annoying during the entire Governor arc. It’s not her fault but the people who directed her to this. Ah well. Back to Carol. It’s no doubt she will die someday but I got nothing.

It’s been a while since any one from season 1 characters died. Who else are there anyway? Rick, Carl, Morgan, Glen, Carol, and Daryl. Not much left really. Any deaths from any of them would definitely strike a raw spot.

Anyhow, place your bets, cause one way or another, Negan will be introducing himself in a way all of us will remember. So buckle up, cause someone important is definitely going to die.

3 thoughts on “The Same Boat

  1. I could see it being Abraham – but I would be sad if he did! Even after he was a giant ass to Rosita, he’s still one of my favorite characters. His back story is so heart breaking, he’s just trying to find his purpose to live.

    I have a really strong feeling that either Rick or Machonne is gonna die. Rick never gets to have the happy family, and Carl is getting harder and harder every episode – perhaps a new replacement to Rick.

    I’ve had this feeling that Maggie was going to die since they were in the prison. I REALLY thought she was a goner when Glenn took that picture of her “to remember”. Now that she’s pregnant and Glenn made his first kill, her dying would push him into the hard core nothing-left-to-lose category.

    They’ve all grown too comfortable and complacent. Carol making cookies?? Come on! Comfortable = lax = lots of people dying.

    This sunday is going to be extra stressful ):

    • Oh, definitely. Though nothing beats the Hershel episode. That one nearly popped a vein.

      You’re right about Abraham. We do see it in his face that he knows what he’s doing is being an ass.

      If Maggie dies that would definitely create a new level of character development for Glenn. A reflection or contrast compared to Rick?

      I have no doubt Rick is going to die at one point. The whole Walking Dead series isn’t about him, so his loss would only shake everyone. Though I don’t see that happening in a long time.

      • Hmm I’m not sure what kind of broken Glenn would become. I don’t think he has it in him to be as throat-rippingly brutal as Rick though, but you never know what would happen if he lost Maggie + baby

        That’s interesting because I see this whole season so far as leading up to Rick’s death! Carl & Michonne could easily take up the new lead. It would be an interesting dynamic for sure

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