The Evil Within

I find it appalling how social media can bring out the worst in many of us. The Internet sure made the world smaller, but it meant hauling in assholes into the same basin where nice, fun-loving folk just wants to thrive in peace.

I am no advocate of something, of change, or whatsoever. I don’t delve into the intricacies of politics. I leave people be and let them do whatever the fuck they want, because, I will admit it, afraid of confrontations – mainly because it takes me hours to come up with a decent argument over a statement said weeks before.

This post, is a random rant. Indeed. It’s something that has bothered me for some time now, and I suppose, it would do well for my mental health just to vent off some steam. I haven’t seen too much insensitive comments and posts in other countries, but within this one where I am living in, I have seen a lot that it feels like getting my balls of rusty steel being torn off by razor sharp teeth.

There were four incidents I had spotted on the social media that ticked me off.

The First Instance: Two vehicles opposite each other are stuck in traffic. Vehicle B’s lights are set to beam. Owner of Vehicle A gets off and talks to the owner of Vehicle B. The truth between their engagement will remain between them. However, according to Owner A, Owner B called him arrogant, which infuriated Owner A and said the same thing. On his way back to his vehicle, gunshots were fired. Owner B had a gun, and shot at Vehicle A, unknowing there were passengers inside. Owner A’s daughter was rushed to the hospital. Sadly, she did not make it.

This issue went up on social media. Owner A has told his side of the story and there were surveillance footage of Vehicle B driving away from the scene of the incident. How did the people respond? Well, majority of them, had given a lecture to Owner A. They basically said it was his fault, and that we never know who we run into, and it is best to keep a cool head, always.

Well, no shit. The guy just lost his daughter. And many people shoved it up his ass. Look, an argument is an argument. People will fight, over tacos, over seating spots, over anything. There are many arrogant people out there, and I can imagine some people packing some heat, but that doesn’t condone the actions of a shooter. Just because it happens, means we should allow it to happen. See where I’m getting at here?

The Second Instance: A woman was found dead. Cause of death, plunged from the 4th or 5th level of a mall. As to why or how it happened did not matter, because the people in the social media were quick to draw conclusions. It was Valentine’s Day after all, oh, the rush of theories, discussions boomed as if they were talking about what will happen in the sixth season of “Game of Thrones” or if Crossbones will actually get to kill Captain America in the upcoming “Civil War” film.

However, talk is common. It’s a thing that’s been happening for centuries. Gossip is a force of nature, often destruction, a reflection of how hollowed lives or moments are. What’s despicable, is how people took photos and posted them on the social media. One of the uploaders even captioned it  as, “… OMG I’m scared.”

Such insensitivity. For a long time, journalists, have not published graphic images, and for good reason. It is not censorship for the sake of censorship. It is to respect the victims and their the family, to preserve their anonymity and privacy. If they walk to go public with it, they will anyway, but it should be considered they would want to keep a low profile for room to breath. Consider this, would anyone want to be taken a photo of, whether they are the victim or related to the victim, be gossiped, becoming the predicate or object of the subject?

“… OMG I’m scared.”  Immediately, it has turned about them, not about the victim, not about the victim’s family, not about the tragedy that a life is lost or how it will affect the family. No, it’s about the motherfucker who uploaded the image and said that he’s scared. Scared of what? That you’ll jump too just to get attention for yourself? Well sir, fuck you, your lack of empathy earns you the right to be in the next “Human Centipede” film.

The Third Instance: I have little news about this one. I didn’t even bother following it because of its morbidity. A collision between two vehicles has caused serious injuries to its drivers and passengers. One woman in particular, had half her face peeled out, like a mask. I can’t tell if this was real or not. The collision scene with the amount of people within the area makes it authentic. It was appalling that no one decided to help. No one tried to pull out the victims off the vehicles. Well, I suppose it is because of the rising danger, the possibility of the vehicles exploding as seen in action films. Or, for a more down-to-earth reason, any action civilians may take, could, cause more harm than good. Reasonable. It still doesn’t justify taking videos of the wounded. No one, even thought of approaching the victims to let them know that help is on the way.

The loneliness in such moments are devastating. Instead of giving the victims soothing words of hope to boost morale, they decide to whip out phones and capture the whole thing on video. For what? For mundane social currencies, “likes” and “shares.”

“Instead of helping” is the common phrase victims often say in the aftermath of their accidents, being turned to spectacles.

For those unaffected, they will only mutter, “Well there isn’t much we can do.”

I wonder what they would feel, if they have been turned into a freak show.

The Fourth Instance: There was a recent boom in social media where a drunk woman was, approached, inappropriately, and without her consent. The video was liked and shared. The caption, basically said, let this be a reason to all the women out there. Their point: Don’t go drinking with men.

This is appalling and wrong in so many ways. And the mere fact shit like this was uploaded in the social media and some people actually approved. What is wrong with them? Not to mention, what happened was an obvious crime, caught on tape, the evidence is on the Web. There is every cause to file a case here. Now, what transpired after those events, I’ll never know. I never saw the video again, it was never on my news feed to begin with, anyway. Just something shown to me.

The comments about the video were disgusting. It is the usual case of blame the victim. Speculations have arisen that the woman had gone out drinking with men she never met before. Therefore, it was her fault. That is all speculation. Nothing has been confirmed about that. For all we know, the woman could have been with friends she had trusted. I don’t know.

A friend of mine raged online. In a nutshell, she had said if this what was conceived as the norm, women fearing harassment from men, then we have a big problem in society. Instead of blaming the victims, why not educate the harassers?  This is a fight that has been going on for decades and it’s something a lot of us wants to see end with a fruitful, reformed way.

Special mention: A minor nitpick. Often in Facebook people will comment on images they see, without understanding the situation. They will base their whole personal truths based on everything crammed into that vague photo. A picture is worth a thousand words after all. When discussions begin, I notice that a lot of people take too much pride in themselves. They make comments and dismiss others. This is nothing new, people even outside this country engage in such activities, which may end up as a debate or developed into a flame war. However, in this country, such “discussions” go like this:

Image of a motorist being ticketed by a law enforcer for being beyond the pedestrian lane. People in the comments section are saying, serves the motorist right.

A: Why are we judging people we see in the picture without knowing the whole story?

B: It is clearly seen that the man has violated the law.

A: I understand that. I am not saying the man should not be given a ticket, it is clear there is a violation. It is the law after all. However, what I’m saying here, why are we so quick to condemn, or rather, talk ill about the motorist when it is possible he drove beyond the pedestrian lane for other reasons?

B: You are not listening. The man has violated the law. What is there to talk about?

Here is another example.

A: So, this man’s claim is that the City has a zero crime rate and has been considered if not the safest, one of the safest in the world. I’ve done a quick research, the safest cities in the world are these, according to these websites (names of CNN and BBC have appeared). The City has not been listed as the safest in the world. The survey that said it was, is user-generated, and most of its users came from that City. Typical. I am not saying the City is not safe. I am just saying it is not the safest in the world as the man claimed it was.

B: You should just go to the City. You will be able to hold your phone and text while walking the streets. You will see there is no crime there. Your “quick research” has nothing to prove. It takes months to produce credible results from a proper research.

See what kind of people we’re dealing with? There is no “discussion” going around. People just say what they want to say and then dismissing what anyone else might say against it. For that second example, if a City has been claimed to be the safest in the world, then a “quick research” should produce the viable results due to its bold global claim. Months to for a credible results? What the fuck is this? Thesis writing? Jeez.

I know what some of you people, who were, unfortunate enough to stumble into this blog, but in some way, thankful if you have read this far, that if such things offend me, I should just look away. I have looked away. Time and again. I ignore such things because I cannot stand how some people think and treat other people, mostly to gain something frivolous. But I see these things because I have idiots showing me these things. And the amount of these things I see is overwhelming at times that is has finally reached a critical point in my veins.

Well, now that’s out of my system. No one please throw fireballs at my direction. I’ll go back to my corner and talk about videogames, books, and writing. Off I go now, tiptoeing to the corner. Yup. Because engaging in proper discussion is a fruitless gesture.

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