The Year in Solitary Awesomeness

It is exactly five hours to midnight from where I live. 2015 has been, the most memorable year of my life, thus far. All sorts of action and experiences came rushing in, and it was all received with heartfelt thanks.

This year, I got to see the Pope in person. Though, my photo of him was lost somehow in Facebook. Almost as if it was deleted. Weird. I got to see him cause it was part of an assignment from the newspaper I work for.

Of course, in the third month, was my birthday. I managed to get out with my now fiance, and got to see weird-shaped islands as we took a vacation to El Nido, Palawan. It was an awesome place, where we met all sorts of foreigners. There also one fellow in particular, a Canadian from Winnipeg, and lived a decade or so in Taiwan, as a professor, Steve. He was a real character that helped my fiance while she was feeling sick during the tour around the islands.

Within the same month, I proposed. On a rooftop in a parking lot mall, overlooking the highway full of droning headlights. We’ve been preparing for the wedding ever since. I feel blessed to be with this woman, and looking forward into building an even better future for the both of us.

In June I ended up in E3. Three years ago when I started as a technology journalist, I’ve been quite envious that my boss got to E3, year-after-year. 2015 was my turn. And it was awesome. I met folks from Square Enix, , interviewing him about PS4/Vita videogame, “World of Final Fantasy.” I got to try out the PlayStation VR, which wasn’t really what I expected. And I got to talk to, and take a picture with, Hidetaka Miyazaki, game director of “Demon’s Souls,” “Dark Souls,” and “Bloodborne,” and got a peek of the upcoming “Dark Souls 3.”


Hidetaka Miyazaki.

Speaking of “Dark Souls,” I finally finished the game, with over a hundred hours clocked in. It feels such a waste of time, thinking about it now. But it had been a really good run.

June is also the month I got to spend time with my family in the US. We went to Disney Land. It was my first time there since in the late ’90s. And I rode literally, every ride I had ridden, during my first visit.

After California, in June, in August or September (can’t remember which) got to see New York City, for Samsung’s official launch of the Galaxy Note 5. Also, in June, I got to revisit Taiwan for my second Computex. It was… ayt.


Walking the streets of New York, trying to figure out where the first cellular phone call was made.

I missed the Asia Pop Comicon this year, which was a darn shame since I was really looking forward to meeting Monika Lee in person.

2015 is also the year I caught up in YouTube. Spent some time watching YouTubers and Let’s Play videos. PKSparkxx and Uberhaxornova, were the first two I subscribed. Thank you, Super Mario Maker. What an instrument of evil you are.

In this year, rose A videogame and film website I have co-founded. It has added stressful hours into my life. It has, however, added a sense of purpose in life. Within the new year, there will be better content, and it will just grow.

And of course, this year had “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” and “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” which are both awesome no matter what people say.

Four hours left, as of finalizing the writing of this entry. It has been an interesting year indeed. 2016 is going to be big. From GameGulp’s perspective, we’ve got films like “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” “Captain America: Civil War,” a new “Star Wars” film, a “Harry Potter” spinoff called “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” and dang, I forgot the rest. Videogames will be having a great one too, with the final entry of “Uncharted,” “Dark Souls 3,” and here’s to finally having a PS4 soon. I hope.

I intend to finish the first draft of my novels within 2016’s first quarter. I’ve mentioned before I have two works-in-progress, both of which had hit their half mark. And it’s just a matter to finishing the other hand, before I bare my teeth, and start chewing and spitting words to refine the craft tenfold.

I’ll try to quit all these random posts too. They’re not doing much really than vent out stuff. I’ll be throwing more meaningful content here from now on. Writing progress will remain.

With that. I’ll leave this song, Weightless, by the All-Time Low.

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