A New Story

It is too easy to begin writing a new story. The feeling to start fresh is tempting, new characters to torture, new worlds to shape, new magic to craft. It’s an amazing process really.

It’s also a terrifying one, and the reason why many stories are left unfinished. It’s much easier to start from scratch with all the liberty you desire, than edit and rewrite that first, second, or so drafts, where the writer is then bound by the rules with an white-hot iron fist shoved up their ass.

The feeling is not pleasant, not at all. There are consistencies to be checked, timelines, characters being believable and interesting, what’s witty and what’s not. What’s funny or what’s plain offensive. These things can hit like a solid brick wall. And it will fall on you, squashing you flat, if you’re not too careful.

This whole part of the process becomes more work than passion. Truth be told. But that’s fine, I suppose. I have managed to retrieve old files from the old laptop. Over 20 important manuscripts had been copied, some of them being merged with the newer versions of their respective stories, creating a really confusing world.

Thank goodness really for this blog that no one reads. It sure is providing a useful outlet to let out some steam.

Anyhow: My writing progress has reached a minor staggering point. My Conductor novel has managed to hit a somewhat respectable 40,000 words. Mostly everything needed has been laid out already and I just need to fill in some huge details in between. It also baffles me that people think that my two main characters should have some romance between them. Sure, they are of opposite genders, and I have tailored their relationship as best as I could, to be strictly a Holmes-Watson thing. No, not the one with Lucy Liu. More Cumberbatch and Freeman, or the Law of Junior.

My second high priority manuscript with the code name Lost Boys, which is part of “Project Bad Father” has reached 25,000 words, after assimilation from both new and old drafts.

The biggest problem is always getting the beginning right. It’s something I keep coming back to. It needs to be interesting and engaging enough to have literary agents flip through the next page – and hope with everything I’ve got, would lead to a request for a full manuscript. I’d be lying to myself if I think it would be anytime soon. Writers with much more refined craftsmanship get their asses handed down to them, what more of a chance do I got?

Yes, I’m in the self-loathing phase. Fuck off. In the meanwhile, the films “The Hateful Eight,” “The Revenant,” and “Inside Out” have sparked some new ideas in my head. All of which, shall be ignored until I finish at least one full novel.

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