Book Mission

I have not read a single Terry Pratchett book. I know, it’s disdainful. Someone had all ready kicked me in the ass about it. And I intend to change that. I have recently just finished reading Brandon Sanderson’s Words of Radiance, and still have Scott Lynch’s Red Seas Under Red Skies (which is a damn awesome title) and Joe Abercrombie’s Last Argument of Kings, unfinished, with two bookmarks each somewhere in the middle of those pages. I’m contemplating not to read any of those two, and and actually pick up The Color of Magic.

I think the late Sir Terry Pratchett had about over 20 Discworld novels. After reading two or three consecutively, I could probably crawl back to either Lynch or Abercrombie, and then proceed working to the farthest edge of the Discworld universe, before I stop again to refresh with another author. I’m way too far behind in reading materials, at the same time I’m afraid to run out.

So anyhow, let that be my Book Mission until early 2016 — hopefully before the videogame, Dark Souls III, comes out. My habits are going to get wrecked when it does.

In line with this, regardless of my awesome tardiness, I intend to write a few words about each of the Discworld novel. Some of it might be good, some might not. But it’s an effort I’m looking forward to exercise.

I’ll most likely begin sometime next week, September 7, sounds like a plan. Still got to work on that website we’re building about gaming and movies. It’s going to be awesome.

For now, check out this Filipino band called Urbandub. They’re one of the awesome and popular ones before all this teenage angst/boy band/bad boy crap started poisoning the well.

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