Innards of an Erratic Writer #11

I am proud to say that most of my biggest stories are almost done, and whichever hits 100% first will obviously get top priority for rewrites.

That unknown titled project – but has an actual name all ready – is close to 80% done. There are some things I need to bridge, since I skipped a couple of important stuff. The real problem would be fixing the early chapters. It should rake up between 70,000 to 80,000 words when the final draft comes up.

Looking back into this project, it was meant to be a 300,000 to 400,000-word standalone monster. It’s a shadow twin to another massive tome, with a couple of things replaced. This project started after reading Brandon Sanderson’s “The Rithmatist” and it sort of hit me that I wanted to write something simple that is cool and hip. I’ve got some issues with the prose, but those will be ironed out in future drafts. The non-shadow twin, was inspired by Neal Stephenson’s “Anathem.” It was a massive book, intelligent and fierce, and I felt I wanted to throw in something like that with a touch of Pat Rothfuss’ “The Name of the Wind.”

Obviously, I won’t be getting anywhere with a 300,000-word juggernaut so I simply downsized everything, hoping I’ve kept the juicy bits.

Project Abyss is about 75% done.

After which, will immediately head straight to the cooling pan for a few days, and the actual edits would follow. It is a 70,000-word story that is extraordinarily violent for a young adult market. I mean it. We’re talking about Hellraiser stuff here. Well, not that grotesque really. But lots of guts spilled, blood showers, and nude parties.

While waiting for the edits to sizzle in, I’m conjuring my first ever query letter. And yes, it is damn hard, scary thing to do. If the query fucks up, the whole story fucks up. And time is at an essence here, since I really doubt that this thing would be out in the shelves any time soon – or even if it will ever. Cross fingers, and a lot of prayers.

Beyond the query, I’ve advanced the sequel, Project Abyss 2, and so far has fared better than expected. The whole world has already been set up, it’s just a matter of getting from point A to B to C and so on, with a lot of lore to add, and more internal organs erupting like dear Old Faithful.

Project Abyss will be a trilogy, and is part of a bigger world, though not necessarily within the same timeline and not necessarily connected.

On other news. I’m writing two entries for Writers of the Future. Both may become a novelette, and so far Entry B is looking really good. Hopefully I finish them up soon, polished and all and start blinding people by how shiny it is. Anyhow, that’s it and I’m out for today.

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