Innards of An Erratic Writer #10

It’s 2015 and I feel compelled to write something, anything. Also, because I have this strong urge to write but can’t really start for some damn reason, might as well get warmed up through this.

So, what in the fudging hell have I been up to?

Not much.

Last month, I rummaged through my Box of Old Stuff and found several empty notebooks. Well, not exactly empty, but a page or two filled with attempts to worldbuild. I tore out those pages, stashed them elsewhere, and began writing my story with a good old fashioned pen.

There was no going back once it’s written, and can only be undone by the time I reach the next draft. This is positive progress, I believe. If I came up with something else that I felt was better, I will not write it down. If it’s still in my memory by the next draft, then it’s worth putting it in. Otherwise, I’d scribble a note somewhere. So far, progress had been significant.

I’ve also started playing Dark Souls 2. They haven’t exaggerated about its challenging difficulty, and they say that this game is tame compared to Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls. Truth is, as I played the game, it wasn’t really that hard. You just got to know how and when to swing a sword, cast a spell, shielding (which is mocked by vets, douches), and learning how to freaking roll away. It’s a game that tests your patience, since it’s pretty much a “trial and error” type of game. I’d give a full blown review, but I’m about 9 or something months late. Heard a new DLC, Scholar of the First Sin, so I might get that – since, we get games here a few hours earlier before the actual release in the US. If not, then not. I’ve had this game since Day One release, which was on March or April and never bothered playing it seriously until last month, thanks for Dragon Age: Inquisition, which, I wasn’t too happy with.

Speaking of games, our indie game development team has finally moved with a half step. Really excited about it, and it goes out soon. I’ve written two stories for two possible games, one of which ended up becoming a new story. More on that later.

We’ve also got to watch a couple of movies the other day. Gone Girl, the Maze Runner, and that final Hobbit movie. The first one mentioned was pretty darn awesome. I have the book before it was even on the big screen, I just never bothered to open it. Big mistake, I guess. Maze Runner and Hobbit 3 – I know it has a title, I’m just too lazy to say it – are good. Yes, that’s all I got to say. They were good, and never get tired of seeing orcs losing their heads.

On other news, my WIP is doing great so far. I’m about halfway there. Just need to tune up the magic system and the world, fix and intentionally plant some inconsistencies – for possible sequels, which are planned all ready. It was supposed to be this giant one tome, and ended up having the magical and charming, three.

Also, on 2014’s final week, I’ve started a new novel, based on the game idea I have. Unlike the rest, this one’s my first YA attempt that had gone over 10k words. Actually, I’m halfway done, which has never happened before, so all sixty-nine pistons are pumping to finish this. It’s massive, yet I’m trying my best to keep it thin. A title exists, for the books and in general, depending how books 2, 3, and 4 plays out, it will either be a ‘quadrology’ or a quintet. For now, this is “Project Abyss” and it’s second set is “Project Super Inferno”. More details someday.

That’s pretty much all. Now I can start writing. Oh, one more thing, I’m a liiiiitle bit heartbroken that Hayley Williams of Paramore is engaged. Ah well.

EDIT: I’ve tagged Brandon Sanderson but forgot to mention anything about him. It’s Hayley’s fault… anyway, I’ve recently checked out his blog and I counted about 13 or so book announcements. It was like Christmas and hearing for the first time all the future Marvel Cinematic Universe’s planned movies. It’s going to be awesome. Having him around just is just inspiring, one day I hope to play a game of Magic with him. Haha

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