In light of some recent scandals, current events, and some really stupid comments, I can’t seem to hold my tongue any more. The world is rampant of idiots (myself included). This is not a happy post, and it doesn’t even have a point, so I’ll make it quick.

A certain actor has recently been lauded for his sex video scandal. I have seen it myself, and I’ll say the woman is fucking gorgeous. While the actor has received a standing ovation from many males around the country, this fucking gorgeous woman has been criticized and named names better left unsaid. If stoning people to death were legal today, no doubt, a mob of judgmental motherfuckers, hypocrites, and people who are just in it cause it’s the latest trend, or simply love hurling stones at someone, then this fucking gorgeous woman has no place to hide in this world, especially with all the social media bullshit.

This relates to Mystique’s recent uploaded images of her. I have also seen these images myself, because it was shown to me. While Katniss remains to be a fine and beautiful lady, a certain circle has begun to say some really shitty things like, “I can’t believe she does this”, “My image of her is ruined”, “She should have never allowed those photos taken in the first place”, and other names better left unsaid. Please, shut the fuck up. It wasn’t her fault that those images has been uploaded, it wasn’t anyone’s business to take them, it wasn’t anyone’s business to look ’em up in the Internet.  If you will enjoy those images, please, do so in silence, without saying anything else untoward, and simply appreciate the beauty. And remember, she can still get to you and put an arrow through your head.

We’ll cap this up with a recent crime that has been sensationalized – by social media. A young lady has been attacked and murdered by multiple individuals. They say four, but I cannot confirm. The lady was on her way home from a bar. She was heavily intoxicated, she wore a top that showed a sizable portion of boobies, and a really short skirt. Of course, she has been judged with comments like, “She was drunk, it’s her fault”, “Have you seen her FB and Instagram images? She was asking for it”, and other degrading shit. Again, please shut the fuck up. There had been one comment from a guy saying the young lady is so “hawt who wouldn’t want a taste of that?” He is a fucking idiot. She could have prevented this, yes, but ignoring the dangers of the world, does not excuse the gods damned fucking incident. It doesn’t, and shouldn’t, give other people a reason to do what those guys did. I think, it’s because of blaming the people who were attacked, is what makes them afraid to go public.


Anyhow. I’m done.

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