Things on Writing

For the longest time I’ve noticed, the one thing that everyone tells me if I want to be a writer is to simply…


But somehow some of us find reasons, or excuses why we can’t write. I know, I get that, I’m pretty much the same way. But as I look back from time to time, I noticed a couple of things. I’ll list it in bullet form just to quicken things up.

– Busy, we are all. In every possible time, write.
– Write while in the train – use a smartphone or a notebook.
– Write while in the God damned bus – use a smartphone or a notebook.
– Write between lunchtime. This might mean sacrificing some food time.
– Daydream.
– Write before you sleep.
– Keep a pen and paper nearby when you sleep. You won’t know when you’ll suddenly wake up with an awesome dream/idea.
– Write when you wake.
– Daydream. Read. Write more.
– If watching a TV, and couldn’t be helped – ignore your show, write during commercial breaks at least.
– For fuck’s sake, write while in a boring date – use a smartphone or a napkin.
– You don’t need a muse to fuck in order to write.
– Think about electric bills, post it in front of you. Think of your family or the future of starting a family. What more motivation do we need?!
– Don’t stop writing. Important to build a skeleton AKA the first draft first.
– Workout. It helps build discipline.
– Instead of music, come up with ideas, and start cooking them.
– Keep phone or notepad close while working out, just so to jot down the idea.
– Fuck the jotting down, if it’s a fucking good idea you will remember them… most of the time.
– I think it was Neil Gaiman, in a blog post whom said: Write, finish things.

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