Random Rants

Yes, this post is going to be about a rant. But not all of it, I think, at least that’s what I think it wouldn’t be. Originally, earlier, I thought I’d just list down a couple of things I’ve learned, or thought, that no one would give a crap about.

On to business!

4K television is not worth it. Not yet, at least. There’s still a massive crevice that needs to be filled first by 4K content. From what I’ve seen, 4K is going to be cool, and literally big. A 12-minute video, turned out to be 39GB. A 30-minute video already cranked up to 100-something GB. Sometimes I think 4K is an anti-piracy trick. Who’d want to download 1TB of a single episode of Game of Thrones? Well, actually, some would want that. But it would only be possible for some people, and a little more in the future. Some countries will find it impossible. But I believe people will find ways around this. Or would rather stick to Full HD, cause, that’s like pretty fucking good already. ’nuff with the greed. Or, get a damn legit copy in your nearest – oh, wait, right, online streaming is the current thing. Also, while 4K TVs are currently damn expensive, we can expect by the time 4K content start flowing in, more affordable 4K TVs will follow. Save that extra sum, I suggest.

Following the lines of stuff not really worth it (for now, and in my most humble opinion), are the PS4 and Xbox One game consoles. In this country, when Microsoft’s gaming machine, it was equivalently priced at a fuckingly ridiculous U$D813. With, at that time, the mandatory Kinect 2.0, of course. And some people from the US had complained about its cost there. Now, Xbox One is priced at around U$D560. Still ridiculous. But a bit better. Get it less without Kinect. PS4, last time I checked, was priced the same as the lowered cost Xbox One, add a few more large sums into it, you get it bundled with the camera and a game exclusive. Now, going back as to what I was saying, I still think that it’s not worth getting either of these consoles, not yet. One reason, there aren’t enough games yet. Second, I’m pretty damn sure an upgraded version that is a bit cheaper, but less flashier looking, will come out. I’d rather wait for those two, than aesthetics, but that’s just me.

The Oppo N1 by far, has been the most innovative smartphone I’ve seen, thus far. Swiveling camera is hardly new, but it’s an interesting concept to explore, the rear touchpad is, well, useless to be honest, but it’s nice to have the option for whatever it will be used, and hopefully in the future, more practical uses of it would be available. We’re also very happy about the Xiaomi Mi 3, boasting mind fucking specs for a really affordable phone. But, in the long run, if it will hold up being one of the top dogs to go toe-to-toe against the big named flagship devices remains to be seen. Personally, price-wise, sure. While it’s a great option to have a smartphone with a souped-up specs sheet that is really stupid cheap, it won’t hold up popularity-wise, for the main reason that folks like Apple and Samsung are just too fucking big to ever compete with. Seven times out of 10, people on board a train will either have an iPhone or one of the thousands of Galaxy devices. Other players are barely hanging on. But if you ask me, I believe Mi 3 is the smarter choice. However, my personal favorites have yet to be staggered: HTC One, HTC One (M8) (such a horrible, horrible name), and the Sony Xperia Z1/2. Oh, vanity.

I realized I haven’t had my say for Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs. It’s not a terrible game, it’s mediocre at most. You got to love the overwhelming hype it received, which reminds me of the first Assassin’s Creed game. On announcement, it received overwhelming hype that didn’t meet expectations. It’s the same for Watch Dogs, hacking wasn’t what we expected, driving mechanics was odd – or maybe I was just too used to GTA V? Nonetheless, Ubisoft’s marketing scheme deserves much laud for managing to over hype over a slightly above average game. We can hope that it plays out similarly to Assassin’s Creed, with the second game receiving critical acclaim.

Welcome to Night Vale, remains one of the strangest, funniest, and scariest podcasts I’ve ever followed. It’s a massive inspiration to my writing, and we’re planning to spur a ripoff… I mean, an homage, to them, in the future.

Other random stuff:

So far, DC sucks making superhero movies. Man of Steal was kind of good, and we’d like to consider Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, along with Tim Burton’s Batman movies, as separate entities. But the TV series, Arrow and then the upcoming Flash and Gotham, are looking damn good. Also, most of the animated DC films, have been consistently superior.

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