Innards of An Erratic Writer #9

I think it’s a frightening and exciting thing that time speeds up as you get older. It’s scary not because Death is getting closer, ramping up your doorway. It’s terrifying because where we might stand next. We could be walking up the stairs, then straight to a hallway, and find two sets of stairs. Each going up and down.

I’ve done a lot of writing since November. But not all of it part of my manuscript. I wrote a lot about gadgets: smartphones, tablets, wearable techs, and other gizmos, leaving me dry by the time I got home. Yeah, I know I have to suck it up, and I had, so far.

But since November, two things hit me.

The first. I’m a lazy writer, I don’t write enough, and I lack focus despite all my passion. I’ve always wanted a good looking desk – it didn’t matter what kind – I just wanted a desk, in an air conditioned room, where I can write in solitude. And I got those stuff in my grandfather’s study. He never uses it anymore, so I decided that it’s my time to sit in there. But guess what? The typical things happen, social networks, a few online chats, movie marathons, music all day with my new found love with Paramore – while daydreaming stuff with the lead singer, Ms. Williams.

I gave all the shit up. I sat on the sofa, on the floor, on anywhere that felt right. I let my grandmother watch NCIS, Criminal Minds, Castle re-runs, each night, and I didn’t let anything else bother me. If you wanted to write, just write. Sounds easy enough. Just be comfortable, but not too comfortable – a certain level of stress has to jammed into the spine to stay focus.

The second. I had been using an excellent typing machine. A Sony VAIO Fit 15. I liked that laptop. It was gorgeous, and it was expensive. But what I liked about it most, was the backlit keyboard. It looked good. It felt good. It was full of vanity. So, when the dudes from Sony took it away (it was loaned only for a review), I felt miserable. And I immediately wanted to purchase a Lenovo laptop with that awesome keyboard. But I didn’t, because a few months ago my mother sent me an old Acer laptop (which my nieces clawed out a few of its floating keys). I thought better of it, I had a decent machine and I’ll get a brand new one when the time comes, whenever that is.

Needless to say I got more work done.

As for my writing progress, I’ve got a little more than twenty-six manuscripts and manuscripts-ish, less than ten have solid foundations. The rest are a blurry mess. But I can safely say most of them are going to be large standalone stories set in different universes, planets, or era. My current Epic Champion, Ghosts, has gone nowhere since November and hopefully I can get back to it soon. I’m more thrilled to finished a couple of those standalone stories first.

Right now I got about halfway through my YA horror novel at 40k words out of an estimated 70k work-in-progress. Hopefully I can finish it before the long holiday ends.

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