Innards of An Erratic Writer #8

October had been very busy time.

First, there was Grand Theft Auto V.

Second, there was Pokemon X and Y. Y pretty much destroyed my life, plus my obsessions of getting back at my rival for beating me thrice in a row – which I managed with an uber-cheap dragon team. He’s training Fairy-types now, which kind of scares me.

Third, managed to write a ton new stuff for The Conductor.

Finally, the indie game development.

That last one had most of my attention for the last few weeks and we’ve managed to assemble a small but competent team. Actually… none of us are programmers and our graphic designing makes shit shine like gold. And while everyone has a lot of great ideas, we’re still trying to figure out how to get some pretty badass artworks to make some mock representations of the game we’re hoping would come along. And we’re hoping to expand the story through books, comics, toys, and other merchandises. It’s a long shot. But oh well.

My WIP, The Conductor, has reached 30k words, which isn’t really the most I’ve ever written in a manuscript. The most I’ve written was around 300k words, with a story that had no ending on sight. It was a 300k monster of an exposition. And it was written in less than a week. That was the time when I didn’t really care much on details, I just wanted to write, and try to finish it.

But when I started learning stuff, like the hook, word count, and everything else – things got really messed up. Can’t say if it’s for the best or not. I’m still having fun in writing, and everything seems more solid than before. The problem with The Conductor right now, at 30k words, I don’t know how to extend the story a wee bit further to hit the 80-90k sweet spot. The novel’s first draft is practically done, with only a few things to add between the ending that has already been written, and the part where I currently stand. What I technically have, is a novella. But at least it’s something.

On other news, friend of mine Michael E. Thies, the one who started his own publishing company, will be launching his debut science-fantasy series, The Guardian of The Core, next month. He has just received physical copies of his book and they are looking awesome. Story is fun, and follows the tale of three young men participating in a contest to see who will over as the new Guardian. How I see it, it’s Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire meets Star Trek. If you happen to see it somewhere, do give it a quick look, you just might like it.

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