Hurrah! Brandon Sanderson has been somewhat of a modern icon for me, and I take a lot of inspiration from his works, magic systems especially. In such a short time, he’s had couple of books out already, and all of them are frackin’ awesome. By the time this guy hits his fifties, we’d probably have our own dedicated shelf just for him. Fuck it, a whole house, maybe. All right, that was a wee bit exaggeration but you get my point.

So, a couple of months back when I heard about Steelheart my mind was blown. And I was pretty upset, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to read it immediately after its release. Turns out, I was wrong. When they said the print scale was going to be epic. I didn’t expect it to be that huge as a friend immediately found a copy here in Philippines. Normally, we get the books a couple of weeks late, or never at all. So that proves Steelheart’s print was ridicoulously epic. And hurrah for it! I’ve been waiting for that book since it was first announced. Plus, the author is slowly starting to gain momentum here (a lot of people are still hang up on the Martin bandwagon, kind of sad really).

So, without further ado…

The Actual Review

The book is a fast-paced action sequence with a chapter or two breathers. For the most part, the book has a sequence of stupidly amazingly awesomely brain-raking epic conflagration.  The characters are an interesting bunch, and even in a tight book we manage to get to know them just enough to care who they are, and consider them as friends.

Basically, Steelheart is the first book of The Reckoners series. And it’s about a world that is overrun by douche bag superheroes – well, actually, supervillains called Epics. There’s no friendly neighborhood arachnid who has devoted their life to fight crime, there’s no school of the gifted, there’s just nothing. Period. All of them are just Epic fuckers who kill an insane amount of people for fun. And Mr. Sanderson shows no restraint when it comes to killing. The best case scenario anyone can hope for, are for these Epics to treat the ordinary humans as their underlings. Just like Steelheart.

It follows David’s narration and his obsession about the Epics, specifically Steelheart, and his determination to join The Reckoners. It’s an easy and fast read, and some of David’s awkward thoughts are awkward and funny. And the action scenes are mind blowing good, with a tinge of hopeless battles. The only flaw in the book were the obvious plot twists. But then again, Brandon Sanderson over there must have did it on purpose to add a second twist for each that were quite WTF – in a good way.


Steelheart is the book’s antagonist. He’s an Epic who rules over the city that was once known as Chicago. He can fly,  crush stuff, shoot energy beams, invulnerability, and turn things to steel. He’s practically Superman General Zod having his own way, with the entire Justice League bowing before him. So, how the fuck can someone kill him? That’s the fun part. And it’s pretty obvious how. I mean, seriously, it is obvious, anyone can see it right after the first chapter. In fact, you may not even need to read the book to figure it out. And even Brandon shoves it up our faces. Heck, I’ve just shoved it up to your face several times already. But that’s not point here. Is it doable? The only thing I’m gonna say, everything leading up to the big finale is going to be awesome.


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