When thieves thrive

There is a circulating video about three muscled men beating all the shit out a wiry-looking man. He is lying defenseless, as one of the men kicks him in the head. It is the aftermath of a violent attack toward a thief.

The thief lies on the concrete, eyes half-open, and quite honest, looks stoned. The three men later leaves, and the thief gets up, and not more than a few moments the three men comes back again. And yes, another quickie of violence.

Citizens walk on without a glance, others stop and watch.

A man with a “Never Give Up” shirt steps forward, picks up a coin, and then a second coin, looks down on the thief. There is a crowd now, and some takes a closer look at the thief. No one touches the body. They look on with curiosity and no one calls an ambulance.

The video has been uploaded here.

In a country like Philippines, this kind of scenario isn’t quite surprising. In the comments section of where the video has been posted, were people exclaiming their job well done or poor fellow he didn’t have a chance remarks. Others have stated, that the three men, whether or not, were the victims of the thievery, did not hold the law in their hands and should had instead, delivered this thief straight into a police precinct. Others have argued, jail time is no good, and sooner or later thieves get back in the streets and will resume their usual ways.

The question here is what else could have been done? There are a few, but not much, and most of those alternatives would leave people unsatisfied. People want to see bloodshed. Violence has become part-time entertainment. People would rather look on and not interfere, afraid to be drawn deep into whatever controversy there is.

Honestly, we can’t blame them. We’ve all seen what happened to Uncle Ben. Many of us know what is right but fear gets in the way, not always because we think about ourselves – but because of the families we have. But not interfering is commonplace. For instance, driving on the road, transport vehicles do not think about others: buses will race other buses in hopes to get more passengers, resulting once in a while a casualty. Others will stop right in the middle of the road, ignoring the other vehicles behind them, causing traffic. Imagine that kind of person the road, and then multiply that to a couple dozen. The results are scary. And honestly, it’s one of the few biggest reasons why a country’s progress could stagnate.

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