My First Horror Story: Death Camp Ghoul-Toll Massacre

I was rummaging through old stuffs and  found my tiny notebook from 3rd grade. It was, the holy grail of my youth, where I’ve written my first few stories and found a deep love for writing. Also, it was sort of an outlet for my rage against the bullies. So, I’ve decided to share it here. It sounds terrible, really terrible, something a kid from 3rd grade would probably sound like. But, I had a lot of fun reading through it. I’ve fixed the grammar a bit but everything else is exactly the same.

So, without further ado, my first horror story – heck – my first written story, Death Camp Ghoul-Toll Massacre.

Warning: Graphic Content (I don’t think I’m kidding, after reading through it again and again, it is pretty graphic. Almost splatterporn-ish)

* * *

The bus was noisy as it should be. Ryan wanted to sit beside John because they were best friends but Red who sat beside John liked his spot so much, he didn’t want to switch places. It was a good thing, since hours into the field trip, Ryan puked and the smell was so bad it made Rosie puke and Kenchi’s shoe was filled with vomit. Students made disgusting sounds and started teasing the “pukers”, while Dennis and Ralph peed on a transparent plastic bag, because the bus driver was a mean grouch who didn’t want to park for a minute in the next gas station. Dennis threw the plastic bag out full of pee out the window and no one seemed to have noticed.

They made it to the camp site. The 3rd graders then hiked into the woods and Mr. Madman taught the teachers all about camping, like how to start fire by rubbing two sticks together, and then taught them to the students. They also learned some thick vines could be cut and squeezed into soap, and how cooking rice produces clean water that can be drank. By then end of the lecture, the sun was down and everyone huddled to tell horror stories. Benny lived near around the place and told the story about Aswang. Maybe it translates to ghouls, but they are monsters that come out at night. That night when everyone was trying to sleep inside their tents, someone screamed.

The teachers were telling everyone to keep calm. Then something came down the trees, it looked like a skinny monkey with gray hair and bat wings, it had long sharp teeth, and bit Mr. Elvin’s head off. Blood squirted everywhere and everyone screamed. Mr. Elvin’s head was upside down inside the ghoul’s large mouth.

They were all kids and being very scared. The ghoul could probably taste it in its nose, so it had nothing to fear against thirty children and panicking teachers. Everyone ran and some hid back inside the tents. The ghoul used its claws to cut through one of the tents and ate everyone inside. Then it came out and saw the others running away and chased them.

The ghoul caught Ralph and split his stomach and started slurping his intestines, kind of like how someone sucked spaghetti. Then it ran toward Red and reached for his face and ripped it away. It sounded like paper being torn. Red kept screaming and the ghoul shut him up by putting its clawed hand inside Red’s mouth. Maybe Red died after, he stopped screaming, or maybe that was because he lost his tongue. The ghoul also caught up with Erasmus. Because Erasmus was big and fat and slow, and even against the ghoul he showed his bad attitude and thought of scaring it off by screaming at it. The ghoul made gurgling snake like sounds and used its long nails to stab Erasmus in the eye, and then the ghoul used its tongue like a suction cup to drain Erasmus’s brain.

Then the ghoul then went after Hanna. Ryan had a big crush on Hanna so he was trying to be brave for her. So when the ghoul attacked them, Ryan punched it and then the ghoul caught his hand with its teeth and bit it off. John and Chris threw stones at the ghoul. It turned around and attacked them. That was when Mr. Madman arrived with a big stick, he attacked the ghoul. He was big and strong and not afraid of anything, so he was able to fight the ghoul. But everyone kept on running. John and Chris dragged Ryan deeper into the woods, Hanna was missing, the teachers were missing, everyone was missing. Just the sound of Mr. Madman gurgling for some reason.

The End

* * *

There you have it! I’m pretty proud of this shit, and feel even prouder realizing that this has a pinch of a bad classic B-horror film. I blame all the ’80s horror flicks my grandma and I watched together as I grew up. I wanted to show this tiny book of treasures to my girlfriend, but she thinks I have a pretty sick mind already. The rest of the story involved rats overtaking the city, one about a poor man who rose to become a famous boxer followed by his steep fall (I’ve never seen Rocky or Raging Bull that time, honest word), more stories about ghosts and body parts flying here and there, and there was one that might have been inspired by the Swamp Thing meets Body Snatchers (That sounds golden). The rest were Final Fantasy-ish inspired and meh-ish.

Maybe I’ll rewrite this story and instead of a bunch of 3rd graders getting butchered, I’ll upped it to college kids, hiking and finding a cabin or something.

Anyhow, enjoy this song from a Filipino rock band, Arise by Wolfgang.

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