Just Ranting

Back when I was in high school I used to watch some of the early episodes of The Office (US version), and I’ve always thought, wow I’d love to work in a whacked out place like that. Of course, some years later, I got this job as a tech journalist – the irony of it is being a dumb fuck when it comes down to tech. When someone asked me if I had my phone rooted, the first thing that came to mind was Roots. I still kind of don’t what it is, all I know is that it’s kind of overclocking your device, I don’t even know if that’s accurate and I wouldn’t bother Googling it now.

My workplace right now is the closest thing as working in Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. Though the thing is, eventually I got bored, I got to meet a lot of miserable bunch who grew old doing the same damn thing each and every day, and from their own words they felt “jaded”. I find it hard to admit, but I’m feeling it. It also feels like a low blow. Why? Well, I get first hand experiences with the latest and coolest tech that other competing companies drool over (we were the first to bring home an iPhone 5 and the BlackBerry Z10 into the country, for example). I get to travel to places, like I’ve always wanted, and got to stay in high-end hotels, eating some overpriced cuisine for free. On top of it all, I get to goof around at work – as long as I submit my articles on time. Pay is pretty shit though, but sometimes in press events we’re given free stuffs like tiny speakers, or if Oponn decides it, win something cool in the raffle, and then sell those stuffs for a fair amount of price. So, to feel jaded is really a low blow. Half of the people I know are struggling to find jobs – someone joined the shitty coastguard, someone who graduated with an I.T. major went back to study to become a seaman.

Finding a job is pretty much participating in the Hunger Games. A certain number of people compete, all but one are eliminated. If a year has passed when someone has not found one, then competition rises into a greater scale as more fresh graduates start job hunting. It doesn’t help if the college that person had through is basically an unknown, or his or her resume is stacked with applicants who granted from the bigger known universities – they get first dibs no matter what, unless grades are terribly, viciously, brain-fucking bad.

So yes, I cannot quit. I was lucky enough to get this job, so I might well stick to it for a while. Maybe it’s because I’m really not into gadgets. I’m tired of reviewing smartphones and tablets, all my writing strength goes there, leaving me little time and motivation to actually get my own stories written down. Somehow, I’ll find a way. For now, I’m done bitching.

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